Innovation. Interest. Inclusion.

Why ImageSoft?

You have a choice when it comes to the kind of company you work with. Invest in what matters to you. Invest in your goals. Invest in your values. What do you invest in with ImageSoft? Let us show you.

Holistic. Hand-In-Hand. Human.

Much like our delivery approach, our implementation team is very human. Upon working with us, you might go as far to say we are, by far, the most spirited group of people to ever support paperless transformation – and we wouldn’t be mad.

That’s because we are real people – we just happen to be passionate about efficiency and helping other real people achieve it. Naturally, our approach to implementation is also very human: we enjoy frequent conversations with our customers to understand their needs, develop and demo solutions tailored to their end goals, and deliver customized results in a way that is convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective for the customer.

Conversations. Collaboration. Completeness.

It’s stressful – we know. We also know that what will work for your organization isn’t what works for every organization. Instead of talking at you about what our plans are for your organization, we want to chat with you, understand your needs and goals, and walk with you toward the same destination.

Our approach is just as customized to your needs and timeline as the end-plan itself. Interested in learning more about the most human approach to data conversion?

Foundational. Forward-Thinking. Fun.

Our customer relationships don’t just end once the job is done. By then, we already know your business and have bonded with much of your staff. Plus, drawn-out goodbyes just aren’t our thing – we’re in the efficiency business, after all. We host a couple annual events to keep in touch with all our friends. We network, learn, eat and show the world just how fun technology truly is!

Helping you start the year with some momentum, Velocity brings together ImageSoft family members from every industry. This is your time to meet, learn from, and collaborate with other ImageSoft customers on your unique paperless journeys and experiences.

And while we know how to get down to business, we also know how to get out for some fun.

Previously hosted in cities such as Las Vegas, Nashville and Orlando, ImageSoft dedicates one night at CommunityLIVE to its own customers. The Night Out (T.N.O) is a time for us to catch up with our clients while enjoying a planned evening of fun out on the town (and completely on us!). Past years have included laser tag, escape rooms, and a luau. But not before dinner, drinks, and some site-seeing of the city, of course.

Timely. Team Players. Top-Notch Techies.

We all run into some tech trouble from time to time, and it’s not always as easy as restarting your computer – although we’ve heard it doesn’t hurt to try that first.

Experts in both compassion and technical support, our Customer Care team is here to make your life easier 13 hours a day, five days per week. You can expect a trusted and friendly resolution to your OnBase or ImageSoft solution issues, as well as maintenance, upgrade assistance, solution health checks and more.

Rated by Many. Recognized.
Really Thankful.

We’d like to thank the academy, but we’re software developers and don’t have one.

We do have a few other badges you might have heard of before! Honestly, these aren’t showcased to brag (okay, maybe just a little bit). Our hope is that you will read about our achievements and see them as testaments to the good works that ImageSoft does to give back to its team members and community. And that, despite not having an academy, we’re still pretty cool.