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The past few years have made it abundantly clear that courts could use an upgrade from some of its legacy systems and processes. As expectations for digital and hybrid options rise, Courts must adapt to suit the needs of the people. Our goal is to bring affordable, reliable, and secure court technology solutions to the Justice System. We aim to provide new processes that benefit all parties by reducing the time, money, and resources that are needed in court.

The tools below have been developed with Courts in mind, with each hoping to alleviate a specific pain point within the industry. When these systems are in place, courts see a dramatic drop in case defaults, an improvement in the relationship with the public, and speedy case turnaround. Our solutions assist all areas of the court, and are extremely well-suited to the growing remote and hybrid justice environment.

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Vault for Digital Evidence Management

Times are changing, and it’s important for organizations to keep up. Most notably for Courts is the growing prevalence of multimedia and digital evidence files. The public has a computer in their back pocket at all times, but legacy court systems still rely on paper, VHS tapes, and other out-of-date materials. In today’s world, these legacy systems can’t keep up, preventing justice from being served as efficiently as possible.

Find relief from this very real, very widespread challenge by adopting Vault, the single, centralized, and secure Digital Evidence Management system for storing, securing, reviewing, and exchanging evidence of various formats. Vault works with the court to reduce paper use, improve turnaround, and increase accessibility.

Vault adapts to make sense for your organization, so it can a.) stand alone as an entirely Cloud-hosted system, or b.) serve as a hybrid model that leverages both your existing, on-premise system and a Cloud environment. Regardless, our Vault solution leverages the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud support to accommodate exceptionally large multimedia and other non-traditional file types, such as cell phone data exports, Zip files, etc. – all which can be uploaded and played back in an easy and intuitive five-step process.

Online Dispute Resolution

ImageSoft partners with Resolve Disputes Online (RDO), an online mediation and arbitration platform designed by former lawyers who have first-hand experience in the settlement sector.

Resolve Disputes Online offers superior mediation options for counselors and litigants. The all-in-one platform can replace settlement hearings or meetings, helping parties to reach a conclusion without ever stepping foot in the courtroom.

Equipped with functionality to serve each step in the dispute resolution process, RDO is applicable to almost every case type – civil, family law, traffic and parking, probate, bankruptcy and yes – even criminal and misdemeanor. Accommodating drag-and-drop evidence from your dashboard, one-click court orders, easy case escalation, chatrooms, on-demand payment processing, and administrative tasks, the RDO platform provides for all case participants’ needs while transforming justice from a physical place to more convenient and less costly virtual space – and that’s undisputed!

Hear from RDO Co-Founder/ “Recovering Lawyer” Joe Al-Khayat and two of our friends from the NCSC in episodes 52-54 of ODR podcast series, “ODR Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.”


Court eFiling

Court personnel are no strangers to paperwork. Desks are usually piled high with “to be filed” stacks and filing cabinets are full to the brim. As the country adopts more hybrid and remote court processes, filing needs a revamp.  

Serving as the catalyst for case initiation, filing submissions, court reporting, digital case file management, and every process in between, TrueFiling is the web-based electronic filing system providing an intuitive user interface for attorneys, paralegals, court reporters and self-represented filers. 

TrueFiling improves efficiency of the filing process and increases access to documents. Initiate cases, submit new files, or search through past documents 24/7. Electronic filing frees up desks and cabinets, allowing court personnel to spend less time filing and more time focusing on the more pressing matter at hand.  


Electronic Signature

Taking your eSigning experience “beyond the dotted line,” TrueSign solves for the challenges of the virtual court and today’s remote workforce by accommodating real-time collaboration needs and smartphone mobility.

Hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud for top-notch security, TrueSign is a leader in digital signatures. Thanks to digital certification, TrueSign authenticates every signature collected to help courts comply with regulations and create binding legal documents.

TrueSign offers three mobile signing options (QR Code, text-to-sign and email-to-sign) that turn your smartphone into a signature pad for real-time eSignature needs. From there, its intuitive, email-style forwarding and document exchange makes TrueSign ideal for seamless, hand-off collaboration with internal and external parties. And for the quick retrieve-and-send of frequently used document templates (think: specific orders, NDAs, HR paperwork, etc.), the TrueSign Template feature saves and houses your pre-templated documents in a dashboard-accessible drop-down library. Courts can keep the document process moving without worrying about travel, snail mail, or scheduling in-person meetings with other busy professionals.