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Customer Care


There’s a reason we don’t merely call ourselves “technical support.” First off, that’s a boring label and we are not boring.

But, at the end of the day, that’s technically not even what we do (pun intended). Sure, by job description, our upgrade team, tech support engineers, and solution health specialists are here to ensure and support the wellness of solutions across a variety of corporate, government and healthcare sectors. Think of us as an extension of your OnBase administrative team.

But behind those titles and computers sit real people who are caring for other real people working with that solution. And that’s what we care about – you, our customer, succeeding in all your paperless endeavors.

Devoted Team Members

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How We Care

The same way you care for others – with laughter, lunches and lots of communication. We’ll have an initial phone chat to introduce our team, fill you in on all the continuing support benefits available to you as an ImageSoft customer, and exchange all the various ways you can contact us. Because after that call, we’re here for you 24×7*. So go ahead and ping us on Skype – no need to be so formal.

On the topic of staying in touch, be sure to check out our customer portal. Strategically built from the ground up, this platform has been customized to the needs and wants communicated by our clients. Just like people, our customer portal is constantly evolving, so rest assured any feedback you give us is heard and valued.

You’ll also make friends with our solution health specialist, who regularly reaches out to our clients and ensures your solution is alive and well. Because we’d rather bug you once in a while than have your solution bugged out.


*24×7 support does require additional support fees.

We’ll Be There for You

When it’s not a joke, your solution is broke, and your productivity is DOA.

We’ve got your back. Looping in your certified system administrator and product vendors, customer care offers extra measures of support for your ImageSoft-deployed and/or certified solutions to ensure all issues are addressed and cured in no time at all.

And to make sure you’re consistently maximizing the most out of your technology investment, customer care will assist you in upgrading your solution to the latest version at no extra cost to you.

That’s just one of many supportive services you’ll receive courtesy of your friends in customer care. Here’s a full list of all the things you can call on them for.

We bet no one told you ImageSoft life was gonna be this way!

TrueFiling Troubles?

Consider it handled. Yes, TrueFiling falls within the realm of our care. So whether you have a question or a malfunction, bring it to us and we’ll keep you smiling all throughout eFiling.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday

8 AM – 9 PM ET

Excluding U.S. Holidays

(248) 948-8100, option 2

For TrueFiling: (855) 959-8868

Holiday Hours

New Years Day

Martin Luther King Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Friday after Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve & Day

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quotesI got extremely quick help. Thank you for your assistance when I needed it right away!”

— Paula F.

quotesThe support I received was outstanding and helped me a great deal,”

— Lanie C.

quotesCustomer service rep was very pleasant and helpful,”

— Lori M.

quotesMy customer service rep was very patient with someone my age learning a new system. I really appreciated it,”

— Denise H.

quotesGreat assistance on my matter,”

— Jessica M.