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Our Customer Care team offers comprehensive support for OnBase systems, as well as our proprietary digital solutions. OnBase Customer Care is dedicated to keeping your organization running smoothly by troubleshooting, upgrading, and scaling your solutions. Our team has 70+ certifications from Hyland Software and beyond, so you can trust that your ImageSoft product or OnBase solution will be protected by the best of the best. Customer Care is a wide-reaching tool available to customers that will save time, money, and resources.

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OnBase Support You Can Count On

When you work with ImageSoft for OnBase Support, you get a team of certified experts at your service. ImageSoft has been a prominent reseller of OnBase by Hyland for over 25 years, and we are honored to offer some of the best support available. Our OnBase Customer Care specialists can assist with a variety of support including:

System Upgrades

Upgrading an OnBase system yourself can require hundreds of hours of work over many months. The masters on the Upgrade Team are dedicated solely to improving systems, making it possible to get your system upgraded in a fraction of the time.


Troubleshooting is a common reason why customers need support for OnBase. When things go awry, we know that you can lose valuable time and money. OnBase Customer Care can jump in and help identify and rectify the issue.


Is your business growing? Congratulations! Our experts can keep your OnBase on track to support a new, larger team. OnBase Customer Care works closely with our Professional Services team to scale your model up or down as needed.

Preventative Checks

Our #1 belief in OnBase Support is prevention is the best medicine. Our experts conduct regular solution health checks to spot any problems before they arise. Learn more in the Health Check section below!

Cloud Development/Migration

More customers are turning to the cloud. Backed by strict security protocols and available 24/7, the cloud is a great choice for organizations of any size. OnBase Customer Care can help you make the switch, or build your system in the cloud from scratch.

Professional Services

OnBase Customer Care works hand in hand with the implementation team at ImageSoft. Together, you can solve problems in your existing OnBase solution.

Customer Support for ImageSoft Products

We are thrilled to see our family of ImageSoft products continue to grow. Whether your solution is integrated with OnBase or a stand-alone product, the OnBase Customer Care team is available to you. Like our OnBase support, ImageSoft Product support covers a variety of needs to help keep your solutions as useful as possible. We offer integration assistance, upgrade assistance, scaling, troubleshooting, and implementation aid for all products under the ImageSoft umbrella. 

OnBase Customer Care Features and Options

Whether you need support for OnBase or an ImageSoft brand product, OnBase Customer Care has your back. When you sign up with OnBase Customer Care, you sign up with our experts who are ready to help however they can. There are countless perks and benefits to opting in to OnBase Customer Care that are guaranteed to come in handy.


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Custom Code Checks

Customer Solutions Support

Configuration Support

Solution Health Checks

Upgrade Assistance

Upgrade Assurance

Monitoring Tools Package

Access to Professional Services

Advanced Architecture and Planning Assistance

Priority Queue Calling

Solution Health Checks and Custom Code Checks

Solution Health Checks are performed regularly by Customer Care experts. This can be support for OnBase or another ImageSoft product. Much like your annual doctor’s visit, Health Checks are meant to see how your solution is performing, spot any potential threats, and establish a baseline for your organization’s “normal.” Our experts will delve into the backend of your solution to ensure that everything is working properly. We can spot risks and weakened security, areas for performance improvement, and other common IT problems that put your system and business at risk.

Custom Code Checks are a new offering from OnBase Customer Care developed to help our growing list of enterprise and customer accounts. As the name suggests, this service is a checkup specifically on custom code. Developing systems and features is extremely hard work, and even the best code will malfunction on occasion. We’ll go in and review your custom code looking for potential problems and ensure nothing has broken and all processes sequence correctly.

For both types of Checks, you’ll receive a comprehensive report with our findings. Many customers like to meet with an OnBase Customer Care team member to discuss the reports in real-time. Our team will work with you to come up with a plan to fix any issues we encountered. By catching problems early, you don’t have to waste time or money while dealing with a broken system.

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