Ensuring Vulnerable Individuals and First Responders Get Home Safely

SafeEncounter is a database designed to assist the most at-risk members of society. Through user-submitted information, SafeEncounter enables first responders to accurately assess emergency situations involving vulnerable members of the community. Using secure and innovative technology, SafeEncounter can communicate specific needs, even when your loved one cannot.

Cognitive disorders can make communication impossible in times of crises, leaving officers to make educated guesses about the best course of action. Any person registered with SafeEncounter has a profile housed on the database that is accessible to responding officers. These profiles include physical descriptions, emergency contacts, conditions and triggers, and other useful data that can help police find the most appropriate solution for any emergency.

For Those Who Wander

There are few things as frightening as not knowing where your loved one is. Wandering is an extremely common symptom of cognitive disorders, intellectual disabilities, and severe mental health conditions. From children to senior citizens, vulnerable loved ones are at risk of getting lost. SafeEncounter’s mission is to return these people home safely in times of emergency. Family members can create a profile for free on the database that is then accessible to the district’s police department. If an individual wanders away from home, law enforcement can refer to the database to identify the victim, learn more about any health conditions, prepare for how they react to various triggers, and pinpoint popular locations they frequent. During episodes of confusion or strong emotion that often cause wandering behavior, communication can become impossible. When the individual cannot express themselves to first responders, SafeEncounter can shed light on the situation to find the best de-escalation measures.

SafeEncounter: The Inner Workings

SafeEncounter is a user-friendly platform housed on the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud that offers convenience to both the public and law enforcement. Take a look at some of the benefits we’re most excited about.

Create User

Bring Them
Home Safe



Family members create a profile for vulnerable loved ones. Accounts include physical descriptions, images, medical information, and more.

Thanks to profiles and the other aspects of the program, at-risk, non-communicative people can be returned home safe and sound.

SafeEncounter can be integrated with new and existing business applications for easy tracking, reporting, and case management.

Log into your account on your phone for on-the-go creation, editing, and referencing. Coming soon: a mobile optimized app.





SafeEncounter’s unique mapping capabilities show law enforcement the residences of registered community members. This makes identification and safe return simple.

The SafeEncounter database can be accessed from police laptops. Each first responder has a computer in their vehicles and can look up profiles by description and location.

Accounts can be edited at any time. If an individual receives a new diagnosis, if new symptoms arise, or if physical appearance changes, the family can update that information so it’s up-to-date.

The SafeEncounter database can be accessed 24/7. This ensures that at-risk registrants can be identified in emergency situations no matter the time of day or night.

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    Who Is Eligible?

    SafeEncounter is designed to assist the most at-risk members of society including those with:

    • Alzheimer’s/Dementia
    • Down’s Syndrome
    • Autism
    • Schizophrenia
    • Bipolar Disorder
    • Cognitive Disabilities
    • Non-Verbal Communication Styles

    Learn More About SafeEcnounter

    To make learning about SafeEncounter as convenient as possible, we’ve condensed the important information into a brief two-page document. Find more in-depth information about features and deep dive into the product to become more familiar with the database and platform.

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    Let’s Start Making a Difference in Our Communities

    If you’re ready to utilize government-level security to help at-risk community members make it safely back to their families in times of emergency, turn to SafeEncounter. The revolutionary database is building trust in local law enforcements while promoting positive relationships. When someone wanders off, the police can calmly and efficiently identify them, contact their family, and bring the crisis to an end just as quickly as it began.