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Law Enforcement officers work tirelessly to protect their communities. From stopping crime to locating lost individuals to forming relationships with citizens, the job is never done. Police are an essential part of any Community Safety plan and they deserve the best tools available to aid them in their work.  

ImageSoft offers several digital solutions designed with Law Enforcement in mind that can streamline processes and help to cross things off your to-do list. All solutions are backed by Government-level security to safeguard the type of sensitive information officers regularly deal with. Our platforms offer improved access, communication, and efficiency in many daily tasks. 

Vault for Digital Evidence Management

Times are changing, and it’s important for organizations to keep up. Most notably for the Justice System, is the growing prevalence of multimedia and digital evidence files. Some of the older methods employed by police and detectives can’t easily handle the new material, causing delay and a lot of stress.   

Find relief from this very real, very widespread challenge by adopting Vault, the single, centralized, and secure Digital Evidence Management system for storing, securing, reviewing, and exchanging evidence of various formats. Vault works with Law Enforcement to reduce paper use, improve organization, and increase accessibility.  

Vault adapts to make sense for you, so it can a.) stand alone as an entirely Cloud-hosted system, or b.) serve as a hybrid model that leverages both your existing, on-premise system and a Cloud environment. Regardless, our Vault solution leverages the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud to support and accommodate exceptionally large multimedia and other non-traditional file types, such as cell phone data exports, Zip files, etc. – all which can be uploaded and played back in an easy and intuitive five-step process.  

 Vault Features:  

      • Intuitive Uploads  
      • 24/7 Access  
      • In-Platform File Normalization and Playback  
      • Automatic Audit Trail  
      • Simple Integrations 

    SafeEncounter for Community Safety

    The number one priority for Law Enforcement is protecting the community they serve. Many communities have citizens that are more vulnerable than others that may need extra security measures in place. SafeEncounter is a Community Safety Database designed to keep police informed of any resident who may struggle to communicate during emergencies. For example, those with disabilities, cognitive impairments, or other issues that can impact speech.  

    SafeEncounter is a voluntary program that is free to citizens. Loved ones can create dependent profiles that are stored in the cloud-hosted, secure database. Only authorized officers can access the information so your community can feel confident sharing this type of information. When a person wanders away from home or finds themselves in a crisis situation, first responders can refer to SafeEncounter to identify the individual, find out about any existing conditions, and learn techniques to de-escalate the situation. Most importantly, police have instant access to contact information to safely return the dependent to their loved ones.  

    SafeEncounter features: 

        • 24/7 Access from dispatch or patrol vehicles 
        • Comprehensive profiles with photos, physical descriptions, medical history, and more 
        • Bulk import from existing databases 
        • Multi-jurisdictional options to share profiles across county lines 
        • In-platform notation for all accounts 

    Watch SafeEncounter in action, and sign-up for your free trial here.


      Officers are constantly being pulled in different directions, asked to handle tasks that span the spectrum of police responsibilities. It can become a real challenge for officers to keep things organized and get everything submitted on time. The Law Enforcement Agency Portal, also known as LEAP, is a centralized, end-to-end case management tool that facilitates secure, streamlined communication between prosecutors and officers from a highly secure, Microsoft Azure Cloud-hosted environment. 

      Seamlessly integrative with record management systems (RMS), LEAP eliminates manual data entry and instantaneously populates warrants, reports and other necessary documentation directly onto the user’s interface, which can be customized to user’s needs and preferences and is scalable to an officer’s car-ported laptop, a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. This means that, instead of needing to be at the station, officers can submit their prosecution needs directly from the scene 

      LEAP Features 

          • Electronic warrant requests and submissions 
          • Evidence management 
          • Subpoena management 
          • Discovery support 
          • Secure communication

      * LEAP can be used as part of CJIS compliant solutions thanks to superior security. All communication is automatically tracked and recorded, providing a full audit trail and offering greater transparency.