“We’re trying to open, adaptive and innovative, because that’s all we can do to do our part.” – Judge Amy Meachum, 201st District Court of Travis County, TX 

Around March 2020, courts across America abruptly switched from in-person hearings to Zoom-hosted verdicts. For most, this was a scramble of uncertainty and a steep learning curve. Finding their way with Zoom, aiSMARTBENCH and other digital tools, virtual court proceedings have become familiar, comfortable and, especially, productive. Now, with the opportunity to start reopening, Judges, Clerks, Court Admins and other justice personnel are questioning the benefits, if any, of returning to a completely in-person court. 

We handed the mic to three Judiciaries, all with diverse jurisdictions across the nation, for a panel discussion road mapping a more productive, secure and – dare we say – virtual future for the court. Tune in for their conversation on: the features of post versus pre-pandemic courts, which virtual courtroom tools are and are not working, using virtual courts as a staple process or a back-up plan, lessons learned so far, and much more! 

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