When’s the last time you took a photo on your cellphone? How many homes in your neighborhood have security cameras or doorbell cams? Technology is all around us and is making its way into every aspect of our lives. The accessibility of video and audio recording has proven extremely beneficial to the Justice System in the form of evidence. However, courts are not always equipped to handle digital evidence, especially multiple formats. 

Introducing Vault, ImageSoft’s Digital Evidence Management system designed to organize evidence in a cloud-based database. In this episode, CEO of ImageSoft, Scott Bade, sits down with Engineer Terry Chaudhuri to discuss Vault at a high level. Listen in as they discuss: 

  • Digital Evidence Management and its challenges 
  • Vault’s unique features 
  • Seamless playback in court 
  • How Vault benefits various job roles in the courts 
  • And more 

Stay tuned for a follow-up episode that will delve deeper into the Vault platform. 

Learn more about Vault at https://imagesoftinc.com/courts/digital-evidence-management/. Reach out with any questions at (855) 533-3366.  

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