Everyone has been spending a lot more time online these days, with many companies going permanently remote or adopting a hybrid model. As tricky as it can be to learn new technologies, you can’t deny that online services have made life far more convenient. One of the fastest growing digital solutions is Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), a virtual method of mediation. Thanks to ODR, mediation is more accessible and affordable than ever, and settlements are reached in a fraction of the time.  

Listen in to the ImageSoft team’s in-depth conversation with acclaimed online mediator, Susan Guthrie, Esq. Guthrie has worked in family law for many years, and has recently found a passion for helping other mediators move to the online platform. She is also well-known for her innovative and cutting edge Learn to Mediate podcast. Hear about Guthrie’s history in the mediation space, her favorite things about ODR, and how she conquers technical difficulties when they arise.  

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