Online Dispute Resolution: Making Justice Effortless and ACcessible

The concept of online dispute resolution, or ODR, is not new. As a matter of fact, it was originally established to support peaceful eBay transactions. In recent years, however, ODR has worked its way into court conversations as a viable, more accessible option for small claims resolutions, mediation and arbitration cases.

If you’re wondering why ODR is such a hot-button topic, or about its potential in supporting your increasingly remote court needs, this webinar is your first stop.

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A Comprehensive ODR Demonstration


Join us for a conversation with the Founder of the Collaborative Lawyers of Saskatchewan, Brad Hunter. Journeying through Brad’s expansive legal experiences with this globally trusted online dispute resolution (ODR) platform, attendees will learn how to operate every case, from small claims and traffic violations to divorces and misdemeanors, from the highly secure Microsoft Azure Cloud-based system.

Facilitated by our own Terry Chaudhuri, the use-case based demonstration will take you on a test drive through the task-driven dashboard allowing users to effortlessly manage and triage cases, securely communicate and exchange files with Plaintiffs and Defendants, and allocate individual tasks. Also serving as a document repository, case history and complete audit trail, ODR’s comprehensive platform ensures increased access to justice and end-to-end, digital dispute resolution without parties ever stepping foot in a courthouse.

Here’s your sneak peek at the capabilities to be covered!

Brad Hunter

Brad Hunter

Family Law Counsel

With more than 40 years of legal practice under his belt and a keen interest in online dispute resolution, Brad is the founder of the Collaborative Lawyers of Saskatchewan and has established a respected name in collaborative law and collaborative practice trainings across Canada, the United States and Australia. 

Getting Started

From a 360-degree, intuitive dashboard, users quickly set up their own account. From their one account, mediators and arbitrators can create, manage and triage all cases, and invite parties into their respective case environment.

Case Workflow

Digital workflows support arbitrators/mediators in developing and distributing questionnaires, assigning tasks and calendar events, scheduling eNotifications and reminders, securely uploading files and receiving online payments.

Streamlined Communication

A combination of asynchronous and synchronous communication styles meet various case needs and allow parties to respond at their own convenience, or for urgent messages to be delivered instantaneously through direct chat. Video conferencing flexibility allows you to host video calls with all case participants or only with specific parties.

Secure File Sharing and Conferencing

Encryption technology safeguards all messages, audio, video and data sharing, including case information and evidence.

Mobile Compatibility

Access to justice means accessing what you need anytime, from anywhere. Log-in from your tablet, smartphone or other mobile device to take care of business when it’s convenient for you.

Settlement Agreements and eSigning

Parties can make offers, either directly or through a mediator, and make it easy for Judges or arbitrators to post determinations with the support of our settlement builder tool. Coupled with electronic signing, users can swiftly and securely apply digital signatures and submit agreements with the click of a button.

Terry Chaudhuri

Terry Chaudhuri

Senior Demo Engineer

For more than a decade, Terry has been supporting ImageSoft customers with use-case driven demonstrations. Putting himself in his audience’s shoes, Terry develops fluid, process-specific story boards that illustrate our product’s capabilities in every-day operations. From ODR, TrueSign and CaseShare to TrueFiling and the Prosecutor’s Solution, Terry has a respected and trusted name in answering customer questions and solving the justice community’s operational challenges.

Case Escalation

Moving from mediation to arbitration to the prosecutor’s office or court is a seamless transition still facilitated entirely online. Built as a Good Faith tool, the original case can be escalated as a clean slate without any biased case notes from prior attempts at dispute resolution.

Case Statistics and KPI Reporting

Want a breakdown of the types of cases on your system? How long they take to resolve? What feedback clients are giving your service? Live KPI reporting gives you visibility into all of it.