PAperless Business Processing for Participating Members of Washington State’s MRSC Rosters

A committed partner of nationwide State and Local governments, ImageSoft is proud to serve as a trusted technology partner of Washington State’s MRSC Rosters and support its members in achieving greater productivity and five-star customer service. Available for consultation, collaboration and training on a variety of the state’s local government contract projects, we provide paperless operations that streamline and safeguard public work projects, consulting opportunities, goods and services and more.

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Product and Service Specifications

ImageSoft offers its own brand of software and services for electronic document management, case management, document migration, automated workflow and several other digital business process management tools. Through ImageSoft’s solutions, personable project management team and training classes, customers are supported with solution deployment, data migration and interfaces, hosting, and ongoing technical support maintenance.

ImageSoft solutions are deployed at local and state government levels to reduce and/or eliminate paper, automate processing, securely and centrally store and manage records, and establish end-to-end enterprise content solutions enabling greater visibility and collaboration between all affiliated parties and constituents.


Peeked Interest on Partnerships?

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