March 31st, 2022

ImageSoft Launches SafeEncounter, a New Product to Assist in Identifying and Returning Wandering Members of the Community.

Royal Oak, Mich. – (March 31, 2022) – ImageSoft has released the newest product in its family of digital solutions. SafeEncounter provides law enforcement and other first responders with a secure centralized database of vulnerable members of the community. The company hopes the solution will be implemented across the country to provide protection to those most at-risk.

SafeEncounter is an online, highly-secure platform that involves elective participation by loved ones of vulnerable dependents. The dependent’s family can create a profile including name, age, sex, physical description, information about any medical conditions, contact information, photos, and more. These profiles are stored in the database, accessible to only those authorized agencies whom the submitter gave permissions. When a first responder arrives at a scene and faces an individual who has trouble communicating, is disoriented, or otherwise unable to engage,they can bring up SafeEncounter on their patrol car laptop to identify the person, reach their family, and respond to the call in the safest and most appropriate manner. SafeEncounter comes equipped with a mapping feature that displays all registered profiles in a geographic area. Other unique features include:

      • Cross-district authorization
      • Mobile access
      • Quick search options
      • 24/7 access
      • Notifications and easy editing

President of ImageSoft, Crystal Iverson, spoke of SafeEncounter: “This is a passion project for everyone involved. We all know someone affected by cognitive disabilities or impairments, so SafeEncounter really hits home with a lot of folks. When we were developing the platform, we’d share stories about our friends and family members who could benefit from the additional peace of mind SafeEncounter offers. Being so closely tied to the purpose behind our product made us want to get it out in the community as quickly as we could. We hope this is going to help protect a lot of vulnerable people, and the incredible first responders who assist in emergencies.”

In the initial release, SafeEncounter is designed for law enforcement and those individuals who meet a specific set of criteria. Intellectual disabilities, communication problems, and developmental issues are top priority at the moment. Qualifying conditions include Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, Schizophrenia, Severe Bipolar Disorder, Down’s Syndrome, non-verbal individuals, and those with other cognitive impairments. These individuals are most prone to wandering, and typically have a hard time communicating who they are and where their family is for a safe return. Police can utilize SafeEncounter when typical communication with these individuals is impossible.

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