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April 2nd, 2021

ImageSoft Business Partner and Co-Founder of Resolve Disputes Online, Joe Al-Khayat, Presents ODR to Queens University Law Students


What is ODR? Where does it align with and support today’s justice challenges? Are there any downsides to online mediation?

These are just some of the questions answered during a brief, 20-minute presentation of online dispute resolution (ODR) at Queens University’s Conflict Analytics Lab. Joe Al-Khayat, co-founder of the respected online dispute resolution platform RDO and ImageSoft business partner, virtually joined a class of law students to provide a glimpse into ODR in today’s world.

The first half of the conversation defined ODR and illustrated its accelerated adoption around the world as a result of the 2020 pandemic. He then compared online and offline mediation, as well as the continuously blurring lines between ADR and ODR.

Before the students chimed in for a Q&A session, Joe walked them through a condensed overview of RDO’s online dispute resolution platform – highlighting some of the key features and explaining how each coincides with his previous explanations of ODR in our world today. Features included:

  • Notifications and streamlined administration
  • Time-saving asynchronous communication
  • Electronic signing of agreements
  • Instant messaging and video calling
  • File and evidence sharing
  • Auditable ledgers of workflow histories
  • Electronically drafted settlements
  • AI-driven negotiations

“Many thanks to Joe for sharing his experience with Queen’s Law students,” said Samuel Dahan, Queens University Law Professor who hosted the presentation. “I look forward to our collaboration.”

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