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September 29th, 2020

Power of Attorney Solution and Streamlined Constituent Correspondence: North Carolina Department of Revenue Partners with ImageSoft for Design and Implementation

North Carolina’s Department of Revenue (NC DOR) has partnered with ImageSoft to implement OnBase by Hyland’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, which will serve as their central document repository for constituent correspondence and a single source for all approved Power of Attorney forms. 

Ensuring that a case’s assigned Power of Attorney also receives their appropriate taxpayer notifications, the Power of Attorney Solution will allow the NC DOR to easily receive Power of Attorney requests and supporting information in several ways, including: 

  • Electronic forms made available to constituents via NC DOR’s website. 
  • A Mailbox Importer Feature, which automatically monitors NC DOR’s Gen58 email inbox and, when new documents are received, sends them to a verification queue where a NC DOR user can review and process them.  
  • A simple scanning interface, which allows NC DOR users to scan regularly mailed paper Gen58 forms and supporting documentation and convert them into electronic content.  

In addition to the Power of Attorney solution, ImageSoft will also equip the NC DOR with streamlined constituent correspondence capabilities. Upon receiving and ingesting citizen correspondence via mail and/or fax, digitized documents will be sent to a Service Center queue where staff can review the document, apply the appropriate document type (if known) and enter the appropriate keyword metadata information. Once indexed, staff will be able to route the document to either a Correspondence queue (if additional indexing is required) or directly to the appropriate Work Type queue for processing. Within a Work Type queue, staff will be able perform general activities, such as routing a document to another queue if needed, error correct a document if needed (i.e., update the document type or indexing metadata applied), and/or complete the document once it has been processed.  

The Constituent Correspondence Solution will include:  

  • Document Repository for Storage of Citizen Correspondence Documents  
  • One OnBase Folder Structure for Document Organization  
  • Autofill and Keyword Mapping to minimize indexing of Scanned/Imported Documents  
  • Up to 28 queues for review and manual routing  
  • Up to 50 document types  
  • Configuration of Full-Text OCR (up to 2 catalogs)  


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