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July 28th, 2020


When New Hampshire’s Department of Labor (NH DOL) found itself frustrated and unable to migrate to Microsoft 10, the commissioners knew it was time to retire their 20-year-old electronic document management system (EDMS). Issuing a request for information (RFI) on modern systems, several insightful demonstrations revealed to commissioners just how much capability their existing DOL business process was lacking. Fast forward to today, where approximately 50 percent of the NH DOL staff are working remotely amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, and their team has discovered several other unstable conditions roadblocking current and future objectives.

Partnering with ImageSoft for the installment, configuration, data conversion, and ongoing maintenance on their upgraded document management and electronic workflow system, the NH DOL is building a process that best supports their complete, auditable control over the department’s millions of documents. In addition to secure, centralized document storage and retrieval, the DOL will also be integrating its new system with existing enterprise office solutions, Microsoft 10 and other technologies. Doing so ensures greater visibility and transparency of documentation as it advances through the State’s business processes. Designed for easy configuration, the OnBase solution can sustain the state department’s current and future goals, including:

  • Enhanced security that minimizes data vulnerabilities
  • Enhanced tracking and monitoring of business process functions
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness to NH DOL’s business processes
  • Improved quality, consistency, and accessibility of information to State resources
  • Document and data retention procedures to store and maintain only that which is required
  • Improved customer experiences that allow the public more direct interactions with NH DOL staff, enhancing the speed of its service and supporting more precise responses

“When the governor stopped by to meet our staff at an organizational barbeque and was shocked at the old-school technology we were using, I knew we were missing out on something big. Now that I’ve seen the superior functionalities afforded by OnBase, I’m eager start shaping better experiences for both our staff and constituents,” said Ken Merrifield, Commissioner at the NH DOL. “I think the public has become accustomed to antiquated communication with government, contacting us through analog telephone calls, faxes, and U.S. mail. With OnBase, the public will have direct access to the resources they need, which will be facilitated by enhanced service times and more precise responses.”

Currently in phase two of the discovery stage, the NH DOL is expected to be live with its digital OnBase solution in March 2021.

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