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June 3rd, 2020

Going Beyond the Dotted Line: TrueSign Upgrades to a Mobile, Seamlessly Integrative Cloud Application

Breaking the standard on-premise mold, TrueSign is now hosted in the highly secure Microsoft Azure Cloud to meet Admins and users where they are for a more efficient and compliant document management experience. Developed in-step with expanded remote working conditions, the mobile-friendly design and accountability thresholds expedite organizational opportunities to create legally compliant documents. Also available as a compliment to digital workflows, TrueSignatures endorse productivity and integrity with every interaction.

Digital and proxy signatures, stamps, dates, text boxes and all the familiar features highly valued by existing TrueSign customers have been brought forward into this upgrade. The major differences are highlighted in TrueSign’s integrations. The rich, REST API, for example, allows for direct integrations with any business process and in any programming language. Users and Admins can also now login to TrueSign using a Microsoft or Google account thanks to integrations with each platform. And because TrueSign integrations are code-light, all desired functionality is just a couple hours away, right at your fingertips.

Admins now enjoy greater control over their accounts thanks to event-driven notifications and expanded, high-level insights. End-user experiences have also been simplified, serving as a web-based application that leaves zero footprint. Whether circulated internally or sent to external signers outside of TrueSign’s application, users have their choice of leveraging free-style signature pads or applying an on-file rendition of their TrueSignature. Regardless, electronic signatures are placed as an image overlay onto a non-alterable document. This process eliminates the need to print, sign and then rescan documents while preserving the original document and tracing an auditable history of signers. With 24/7 digital signing availability, audit trails have been expanded to further uphold accountability. Complete document and user histories specify when and by whom signatures were applied, while detailed audits of envelope content and account usage storyline the journey of all TrueSign documents.

“The kudos for this enhanced version of TrueSign really belongs to our customers, who felt heard and comfortable enough to provide us such tangible feedback,” said Julian Vataj, Senior Support Development Engineer. “We appreciate how passionate and invested our customers are in building a safer and faster way of doing things, and it’s exciting to show how their ideas manifested into a product that’s supporting more efficient, interconnected and secure processes across all industries.”

A TrueSign test drive can be taken by visiting the TrueSign website and clicking the Try a Live Demo button at the top. It will guide you through the steps to sign a sample document.

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