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March 17th, 2020

Florida’s Department of Revenue Partners with ImageSoft

Replacing its legacy Image Management System, the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) has partnered with ImageSoft and Fairfax to implement an OnBase-supported Document and Remittance Processing System. Doing so will provide the DOR with complete life cycle management of documents and images from creation to declaration through final disposition. Primarily, the solution will lend itself to support image and document processing to the Child Support Program as well as imaging, document and remittance processing to General Tax Administration and other agencies.

To uphold the above initiatives, the solution’s capabilities, among other functionalities, will be expansive enough to ensure:

  • User-friendly Unity Client interface
  • Leveraging Florida’s DOR data standards for document types, keyword metadata, notes and cross referencing to related documents
  • Ability to collect documents of same tax category that have been validated on same day
  • Folder structure and organization of files
  • Pre-configured search queries, including the ability for the Department Operation System to access documents and images using a Document Locator Number (DLN)
  • Store, catalogue, retrieve and index envelopes intermingles with Returns & Payments
  • Role-based access control

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