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April 29th, 2020

Reser’s Fine Foods, Inc., Partners with ImageSoft

Reser’s Fine Foods, Inc., has entrusted the on-going support of its existing OnBase by Hyland solution to ImageSoft. Serving as a resource at Reser’s request, ImageSoft is providing standard administrative assistance while also supporting future product developments.

Together with ImageSoft, Reser’s has succeeded with the following projects:

  • Increase remittance processing throughput and data capture accuracy

  • Leveraging barcodes and database lookups to perform line-item indexing

  • Replacing Route Invoice processing

  • Bulk importing of PDF’s using external database lookups to index invoices without human involvement

  • Creating a daily and weekly invoice process to email out client targeted invoices

  • Leveraging Workview | Case Manager to empower AP/AR staff to centrally and securely maintain client information

The above endeavors have supported Reser’s in achieving the following business goals:

  • Business process simplification

  • Data accuracy

  • Process optimization

  • Data efficiency

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