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January 16th, 2019

Tennessee Certifies ImageSoft as a State-Wide eFiling Provider

Upon review by the state’s Technology Oversight Committee (TOC), Tennessee has certified ImageSoft as a trusted eFiling provider. Prior to state-wide certification, ImageSoft’s TrueFiling solution was welcomed by the Tennessee Appellate Courts and has been successful in supporting their eFiling initiatives since September 2018. ImageSoft is also the state-wide eFiling vendor for the State of Michigan, uniting counties of every size by integrating eFiling with the various case management systems (CMS) currently existing in each county.

Already a mature technology in the realm of digital court transformation, there are several advantages to eFiling that the Tennessee Courts can anticipate. A benefit to both the courts and filers, around-the-clock eFiling can be completed at any time and from the convenience of the filer’s secure internet location, ensuring no one is driving across town to file paperwork before the court closes. As previously mentioned, ImageSoft’s TrueFiling also integrates with the courts’ existing case management systems, which alleviates the financial stress of replacing it. With the exception of mail and over-the-counter filings, scanning and indexing become obsolete since eFiled documents are digital by nature. Thanks to automation, the file review process now becomes a filing review workflow, to which clerks have reported a 25-93 percent improvement in overall efficiency. Perhaps the greatest gift to clerks is that statutory fees are collected from filers upon their eFiling submission, abolishing the pain of financial collections.

These benefits also transcend into cases that need to be elevated to the higher courts, as the traditionally laborious process of preparing and sending an appellate court case becomes one of electronic ease. Digital assembly reduces the risk of human error in the preparation phase, and advances cases to the higher courts with the click of a button.

“Earning the green light on state-wide eFiling for Tennessee is a win for everyone,” said AJ Drobnich, Director of Product Development at ImageSoft. “Just going from paper filing to digital filing empowers attorneys and pro se litigants to file from the convenience of wherever they may be, automates much of every clerk’s dreaded grunt work, and simplifies the time and effort needed to elevate higher court cases. Electronic filing grants efficiency to the court process at every step.”

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