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July 31, 2019

Paperless Probate Solution Streamlining Courts Across Michigan

Hard-copy recordkeeping, paper filing, manual data entry and hand-to-hand document circulation has never been optimal in protecting the integrity of files or sensitive information. But, for a long time, it was the only way for probate to operate. Recognizing this common pain point among clients, ImageSoft struck hard-copy filing and circulation from the probate record and launched The Paperless Probate Solution. To date, over ten percent of the probate courts in Michigan have digitally transformed their offices using ImageSoft’s Paperless Probate Solution, with Tuscola and Kalamazoo Counties becoming the most recent members to this exclusive group of advanced courts.

Hard-copy documentation, including death certificates, petitions, Wills, Powers of Attorney and more, are electronically captured via scanners, fax and/or email before being automatically foldered and secured in a digital cloud or data center. The Paperless Probate Solution supports eFiling and other input methods, such as electronic forms and Word templates, that automate indexing and improves case file integrity.

Digitalized data is secured at intake and, through a court-configurable workflow, is safeguarded from natural disasters and fraud. Documents are exchanged among attorneys, beneficiaries, court clerks, trustees, hospitals and all other affiliated parties. As documents get reviewed, eSigned by a judge, and filed, the Paperless Probate Solution keeps court staff in complete control of their process.

“Working alongside customers to take probate paperless has been rewarding in several ways and for multiple people,” said Scott Bade, President and Product Visionary at ImageSoft. “It liberates the judge to review cases, sign orders or perform hearing preparation from virtually any location. This eases correspondence between the judge and all parties, which gives invaluable time back to everyone. More importantly, it lends itself to stronger protection for children and vulnerable populations, and allows affected families to move forward sooner.”

Learn more about ImageSoft’s Paperless Probate Solution by visiting our webpage here.

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