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August 13th, 2019

ImageSoft Announces the Louisville Air Pollution Control District Kicks Off City-Wide Digital Transformation

Louisville Metro Governments’ chosen partner, ImageSoft Inc., is elated to announce it was chosen by the Louisville Metro Government to lead more than one of its government agencies through a digital transformation. The first phase of this colossal initiative, furnishing Louisville’s Air Pollution Control District (APCD) with a more robust enterprise document management system (EDMS), is now live in production.

Using OnBase® by Hyland, ImageSoft configured a cloud-hosted environment that supports the APCD’s efficiency goals. With 91,000 documents migrated from APCD’s legacy system to OnBase, ImageSoft provided an electronic records management system for record retention and a systematic document disposal process. The EDMS also allows for a variety of integrations with the APCD’s existing programs, including Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office business applications. These integrations will equip the APCD with the ability to keep documents moving and accounted for with just a few clicks. Users can also quickly and easily retrieve documents by simply keying high-speed, metadata and full-text searches based upon document content, enabling the city to better serve constituents.

“The APCD helped set the foundation for this project to work in multiple Louisville Metro Government departments,” said Keith Talley Sr., APCD Director. “We were able to give vital input and feedback during the implementation process that led ImageSoft to tailor a document management system that all of Metro Government can benefit from.”

In addition to supporting conversion and implementation, ImageSoft trained APCD staff on the system’s administration to ensure the success of the project. Because the APCD is the first to undergo an electronic transformation, Louisville Metro’s IT division will be using this process to scale implementation for the rest of the government agency’s EDMS needs.

“We are excited to partner with the City of Louisville as it digitally transforms its agencies to better serve constituents,” said Dave Hawkins, CEO of ImageSoft. “Every department has different requirements so the ability to scale a single platform across the city, and also configure it for the unique needs of each agency, is a huge win for Louisville. Even more rewarding is to see the city’s vision expanded as it realizes the possibilities of the platform that we’re delivering. The fact that the city can continually customize the solution according to its changing needs makes this a smart investment that can pay dividends for decades.”

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