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October 10th, 2018

Five Years Strong: ImageSoft’s Appeals Automation Solution Transforms Arlington County’s Circuit Court

ImageSoft, Inc., one of the nation’s most respected names for paperless court solutions, is thrilled to announce Arlington County’s Circuit Court is celebrating five years as one of the nation’s first circuit courts with a solution to digitally transmit case files to higher courts. While Arlington County’s circuit court celebrates its paperless anniversary each year, it went all out for its fifth birthday. The court’s constituents and the public were invited to share in the festivities, including custom-quoted sheet cakes, challenging contests, paperless prizes, and more.

Arlington’s latest project for a full, end-to-end paperless experience is its adoption of CaseShare, a cloud-based Appeals Automation solution. CaseShare empowers the court staff to assemble the digital appellate record (DAR), automatically merge PDF files, create tables of content and bookmarks, and apply optical character recognition for full-text search capability, among several other functionalities. The solution has saved the lower court clerks significant time that has historically been spent on manually merging and editing paper files.

Receiving appeals electronically in a standard format has improved the efficiency of the Appellate Court by ensuring that judges and staff can easily and quickly navigate and locate critical information within case files. The CaseShare solution generates secured PDF documents compliant with the DAR standards so that the Court of Appeals can easily make documents available for public access. The flexible solution is designed so that documents and other files can be added from an existing document management system whether the data is dropped in from a PC, shared drive, or scanned directly into the solution. Finally, its user-friendly configuration provides an adaptable format that can evolve along with the needs of the court and continuously support their developments.

“The adoption of this digital solution for managing appellate records for the Virginia Circuit Court in Arlington County is a tremendous benefit for our court users and staff,” said Clerk of the Circuit Court Paul Ferguson. “Our goal was to provide the easiest access to court records while maintaining robust security, and ImageSoft’s solution and support has achieved this. The ImageSoft solution has resulted in a more efficient and time-saving process for court users and staff.”

“ImageSoft is really excited to have been a part of Arlington County’s transformative five years,” said Scott Bade, ImageSoft President. “The Clerk’s office in Arlington had great vision and courage in undertaking this initiative, and we’re proud of everything they’ve accomplished, ultimately providing improved service to Arlington County residents.”

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