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August 9th, 2016

ImageSoft Releases Case Study on eFiling Conversion by Courts in Travis County, TX

ImageSoft, Inc., a leading provider of paperless court solutions, today introduced a case study which addresses the conversion of local courts in Travis County, Texas to JusticeTech, a strategic enterprise content management (ECM) system built using OnBase® by Hyland.

Local courts in Travis County had a common problem: their document management system (DMS) required manual input, redundant processes, frequent vendor support and was prone to errors. It had no redaction capabilities, electronic integration with the courts, or E-filing. Clerks frequently printed documents before scanning them into the DMS and there was minimal quality control.

The county sought a solution which would reduce the necessity of physical documents and strategically streamline workflow to expedite business processes and reduce time-consuming errors.

After reviewing available technology solutions, Travis County opted to migrate to ImageSoft’s JusticeTech, a comprehensive solution specifically designed for courts to leverage the benefits of digital documentation, E-filing and enlightened workflow management.

ImageSoft approached the conversion to JusticeTech in a four-part process that affects the following divisions in the Travis County court system: Commissioner’s Court; Probate and Civil Courts; Misdemeanor Courts and Real Property Systems. “We are halfway through our four-phase project and have successfully implemented JusticeTech in the Commissioner’s Court and the Probate Court,” said recently retired Travis County Clerk’s Office IT Manager Bob Trautman. “We are pleased that with the investment in JusticeTech, the county has been able to lower costs, limit the necessity of manual document handling and reduce frustration through better technology and improved workflow processes. We anticipate similar results when we convert the remaining antiquated systems.”

“County court systems are ideal candidates to illustrate how the proper digital technology and thoughtful strategic planning can result in a more efficient system which can operate at a lower cost,” stated ImageSoft President Scott Bade. “With the deployment of JusticeTech, both the court staff and the public they provide services for are better served with fewer delays and a more user-friendly approach to document access and management.”

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