In an effort to protect the most vulnerable members of society and assist law enforcement, the Village of Palatine Police have adopted SafeEncounter.

Royal Oak, Mich. – (May 05, 2022) – The Palatine Police department of the Village of Palatine, Illinois has partnered with ImageSoft to implement SafeEncounter, a dependent record program for those with disabilities that hinder communication. Crystal Iverson, President, made the announcement.

The Village of Palatine Police Department was searching for a solution to help law enforcement assist the most vulnerable members of the community in times of crisis. SafeEncounter is a community database that compiles dependent records for on-the-go access for first responders. The platform provides valuable information about those with chronic conditions or disabilities which may make it challenging or impossible for the individual to accurately communicate with police.

ImageSoft’s SafeEncounter provides law enforcement with a secure mobile database of information that can be used to identify and safely return an individual to their home. A dependent’s loved ones can create a user profile on SafeEncounter and grant various district police departments access to them. If the depended wanders off, gets lost, or is in an emergency situation by themselves, officers can refer to SafeEncounter and collect all the information they need to safely and effectively remedy the situation.

According to Iverson, “SafeEncounter is a passion project for our team. We all know someone affected by conditions like Autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, etc., and we sought to offer a more accessible method of information sharing about these at-risk people. By partnering with law enforcement, we are able to start a trend of technology-driven community policing we hope will protect both vulnerable individuals and the officers responding to calls.”

The new SafeEncounter Solution features:

  • Registrant mapping for geographical identification
  • Editable dependent profiles with a comprehensive collection of valuable information
  • Mobile access to ensure that officers can access the platform from their squad cars
  • Seamless integrations with existing CMS and business applications
  • Scalability and versatility to mold to each district’s specific needs and goals

The Village of Palatine Police Department selected SafeEncounter due to its user-friendly interface, innovative cross-district communication, and Government-level security. Hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, SafeEncounter safeguards sensitive information without sacrificing accessibility to the law enforcement officers who need it. ImageSoft looks forward to working with Palatine to expand the solution and assist the community.


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