Workers’ Compensation solutions

Fueling Full-Throttle Administrative Systems

When a workplace injury happens, everyone wants a full and speedy recovery — not one bogged down by inefficient workers’ compensation paperwork processes. As a matter of fact, employees who are satisfied with the overall response to their work-related injury or illness return to work 50 percent faster and accrue a 54 percent lower cost.

But is your document management system hard to integrate — or, even worse, completely lacking integration or case management features? Are you facing a weak workflow, or a super complex one that’s too costly to implement?

And that’s not even scratching the surface on managing new business. Wouldn’t it be helpful to see all your policies and claims in one place? Making all this data one click away from your new business system would certainly make decisions easier, and capturing all those forms electronically — with real-time updates for agents — would give them a simple way to submit documents as soon as they’re available.

It’s time to change lanes. Speed up your new business processing with OnBase by Hyland’s enterprise content management software. As soon as it’s connected with your system — or even multiple systems — you’re sure to see a clearer road ahead, with data pulled together from several different sources and the end of those endless mounds of piled-up paperwork.


Road Work Starts Here – For Everyone

New business processors: start your software. OnBase is the one simple solution for everyone to streamline and process new applications with intuitive, easy-to-navigate technology that helps everyone know what’s expected at every step. Agents can collaborate, receive notifications and even check the current status of their application with a mobile device. Delays and reporting roadblocks are replaced with transparency and clarity.

Merge Right…Into Integration

Business processes, documents, records and workflow management are all included in this customizable solution, which integrates seamlessly with many admin systems like StoneRiver, DuckCreek and Guidewire. Our solution also complements your current software to fill in the gaps where better automation, speed and efficiency are needed. Integrative muscle like this empowers high-speed searches for policyholders and claims with the touch of a button, while tracking real-time progress ensures a quick resolution.

Staying on Track

Lost or misplaced paperwork leads to time and money lost for the carrier and increases the hardships on affected employees. OnBase tracks the progress on each claim to ensure a speedy resolution, while its centralized electronic storage system keeps documentation and important files properly tracked and moving along. The strength of this feature is sure to relieve your overwhelmed underwriters and claims-processing department by bearing the weight of tedious work.

This workflow continues to benefit claims adjusters by granting real-time access to the latest updates on the injured worker’s recovery and rehabilitation. Such immediate knowledge also helps to inform the worker’s injury management plan, which smooths and moves the claims process along.

Sharing the Road for Optimized Results

Digitized processes equip employers, injured workers, medical practitioners and case workers to pool their strengths and collaborate in real time. With immediate access for each party to open workers’ comp cases, test results, case updates, and more, cases are resolved in the timeliest fashion possible.


The property-casualty insurance industry pays out more than $400 billion annually in policy benefits, which includes workers’ compensation. As your business grows, you need technology partners who can keep pace with your needs…with ImageSoft and OnBase at your side, you’re ready to roll down the road ahead.


Process automation keeps insurers nimble and responsive


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