Vault: Digital Asset Management

Keeping all Underwriting and claims Assets securely stored in a centralized database.

Vault is a state-of-the-art Digital Evidence and Asset Management system designed to make handling video and multimedia assets simple. Say “goodbye” to clunky case files, DVDs, and flash drives, and say “hello” to Cloud data hosting in a centralized database with 24/7 access capabilities.

Perfect for Insurers, Vault makes it easier than ever to upload, store, normalize, share, and playback case file assets in a variety of formats. From documents, photos, and public videos to CCTV footage, dashcam video, and cellphone data exports, Vault can handle files large and small.

Unmatched Security and Unlimited Potential

Vault is not your average Digital Evidence and Asset Management system. Our team worked closely with Insurance professionals to identify pain points and challenges plaguing the industry.  Vault is built upon world-class Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology that is scalable to any size enterprise and can be deployed as a complete Cloud solution. Installation is fast and IT resources are freed up to focus on other areas. Vault’s features are designed to help revolutionize asset management, storage, sharing with claims adjusters.

Automatic Audit Trail

File Normalization


Intuitive Uploading

Maintain the chain of custody and keep track of views and edits with an automatic audit trail for each file uploaded.

Vault automatically normalizes files into formats that can easily be shared and reviewed. Vault even normalizes video formats so they can be streamed in-platform.

Built-in options to notate and comment on assets within the platform. Leave public notes for all parties, personal reminders, or inter-team communications.

Users can easily upload files into the portal from nearly any device. Tag and organize files by name, case number, or description for easy retrieval later.

Seamless Playback


Simple Integrations


There’s no need to send adjusters CDs, DVDs, or flash drives with Vault. Simply pull up the portal on a laptop or computer and playback videos seamlessly – no download required.

All digital files can be shared to authorized users with encryption and other safe-guards. Chain of custody is maintained, and an automatic audit trail is created for each item.

Integrate with OnBase, Case Management systems, Claims platforms and more.  Merge new technology with existing business applications.

Access to multimedia assets is no longer bound to within the office. View and interact with files whenever, and wherever to send claims on your own schedule.

Simplifying the claims process across insurance types

Most types of Insurance require evidence to underwrite a policy or support a claim. Vault was designed with all applicable types of insurance in mind, streamlining the claims filing process as well as communication with Adjusters. With Vault, assets are normalized, condensed, and stored in unaltered form to efficiently process cases. Insurers dealing with the most common forms of insurance can all benefit greatly from Vault and its features.

Workers' Compensation

Billions of dollars are paid out each year in Workers’ Compensation claims. Often, videos or photos of the incident are included within the case file as proof of injury. Whether it’s CCTV footage, a video from a coworker’s phone, self-documentation, or some other multimedia evidence, Vault can handle it. All files can be uploaded with a few clicks and will be automatically normalized into a streamable, share-able format. 


Homeowners and Renters rely on Insurers to protect their most valuable assets. When it comes to underwriting a policy, video walk-throughs of the property might be required. If things go wrong, claims are submitted in the hopes of recovering lost value. Vault is the best way to collect and organize these assets and share them with Claims Adjusters and Underwriters as a neat, easy-to-review format. Vault can handle CCTV footage, doorbell cameras, scene photos or video, cell phone video exports, and more to ensure all files are considered in the claims payout.


Life happens. When a natural disaster strikes and your property is damaged or you get hurt, insurance is a customer’s lifeline to rebuilding. Vault for Insurance was designed specifically to streamline the process of sending claims to Adjusters. When your client is suffering through a hard time, the least we can do is help you get things settled as efficiently as possible. Security footage, privately-recorded video or audio files, images, documents, and more can all be submitted to a claims file through Vault – no extra devices needed.


Millions of auto insurance claims are filed annually, especially those for accidents. Dashboard camera video is one of the fastest-growing types of evidence backing these claims. Video footage shows how an accident happened in real-time. It can be critical in determining fault, particularly in cases with no witnesses. Without a system like Vault, Insurers are forced to struggle with bulky video files, trying desperately to make them easy to send off to Adjusters. With Vault, in nothing more than a few minutes, the Adjuster can be granted full access to secure and streamable videos to reduce the turnaround time of a claim drastically.

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    Digital Evidence At a Glance

    • CCTV Footage
    • Audio Recordings
    • Files From Devices
    • Cell Phone Data Exports
    • Public Videos
    • Dashcam Footage
    • Scanned Documents
    • Scene Media
    • Private Videos

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