End-to-end, online mediation for denied or low-payment claims, structured settlements and more. 

Online Dispute Resolution for Insurance

Today’s top insurer is personable and accommodating to their customer, especially during disputes.  

Respond in a reputable manner you can be proud of by mediating your high volume of claims disputes, customer service complaints and more with the low-hassle, lower-cost option of online dispute resolution. Not only is ODR’s asynchronous communication style convenient to customers in varying time zones or just with busy schedules, but it saves your agency months, even years, of time and money spent on the complex court system 

Let’s journey through the insurer’s ODR solution to see how its human element keeps your good-standing and quality service covered.  

Live in Action: ODR for Insurance 

Complete the full picture of ODR in action by “claiming” your comprehensive, completely free demonstration.  

Our subject matter experts can walk you through an end-to-end use scenario of how ODR works for insurance, answering all your questions along the way.

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360-Degree Case Management

Quickly deployed in the highly secure, Microsoft Azure Cloud, the insurer’s ODR tool seamlessly integrates with existing case management systems to display all open cases on your online dispute resolution docket. From this intuitive dashboard, users can quickly navigate to online payment portals, upload documentation or evidence, respond to messages and check notifications. 

Secure File Sharing and Conferencing

End-to-end encrypted communication and sharing tools safeguard all evidence and documentation throughout the ODR process, including digital images, audio clips and video calls. Document exchange is instantaneous – facilitated by an automatic workflow that immediately notifies case party recipients when their documents are ready. 

ODR for Insurance can serve as a stand-alone solution, or a component of your digital ecosystem. Scalable to your evolving business needs and integrative with existing or additional systems, consider pairing ODR with electronic signature platforms, an automated workflow, digital evidence management and more.

Settlement Builder and Electronic Signatures

Once case parties have reached an agreement, the ODR platform’s settlement builder does the heavy lifting of drafting up the settlement. In no time at all, the draft is ready for review and signatures. Seamlessly couple our virtual settlement builder with an electronic signature tool, such as TrueSign, to allow case parties to quickly apply one-click eSignatures from their computers, tablets, smartphones or other mobile device, and close the case.  

Case Metrics

Facilitating your insurance disputes will foster better communication between you and your customers. Be proud of your fast response times and your high-volume case management capabilities by showcasing your metrics. ODR analytics also allow you to gauge customer service and understand the general pulse of your business operations.  

Meet Molly – Your AI Mediator Bot

Serving strictly monetary cases, such as denied or low-payment claims, insurers can leverage Molly – the only algorithm-based software tool to facilitate mediation. Available 24×7, Molly is the master of asynchronous communication and typically closes out cases in just a few hours or days. While she’ll mediate as long as necessary, insurers can configure Molly to only entertain a certain number of back-and-forth, blind bid rounds before recommending the case be escalated to a human facilitator or the court.