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The risk of not running an efficient workplace? When your underwriter investigates an applicant’s health, it can be a wild chase of history and data to track down: family and personal medical history, height and weight matrix, birth certificates, proof of residence, statement of disability or death certificates. And in the case of a death, how do you dig up the policy if it’s been stored in a box somewhere or in an offsite storage facility rather than in your digital storage system? With ImageSoft’s ECM solutions for Life Insurance, we’ll automate your workflows, improve your speed and efficiency, reduce costs and address compliance requirements.

Your world revolves around weighing the risks of who is going to be a gamble for a policy. Jane smokes, ingests soda pop, works at a chemical plant, doesn’t exercise, and has high blood pressure and a fondness for tanning. Sue eats organic, supplements with wheatgrass shots, works out 5 days a week and volunteers at an art museum. Hmmm?

While you figure out who pays premium rates and who isn’t as great of a risk, we can get your organization automated with business processes, and reduce the time and cost for performing important business functions. When agents get walk-ins or phone calls asking about a policy or claim, there isn’t a long wait while your staff digs through a file cabinet. We automate your processes, customers are happy and you see more profits.

Our integrated ECM solution efficiently manages scanned documents, faxes, print streams, application files, electronic forms, Web content, multi-media files, emails and industry-standard files such as such as ACORD XML. Our ImageSoft solution using OnBase, combines integrated document, workflow, business process and record management into a single application. The platform integrates with policy administration and claims processing systems from leading providers like Guidewire, DuckCreek, CSC, LifePro, Ingenium and StoneRiver, as well as homegrown AS400 mainframe systems. We offer streamlining data exchanges with service providers through generation, receipt and storage of ACORD Messaging. We offer integrations with LabOne, MIB and other core service providers.

With an ImageSoft solution, you’ve got integrated management for workflow, business process, records and documents in one application. We can even implement your rules into the system and you can evaluate applications as they are coming in. For example, we can include guidelines to check if documents are signed and if all the required paperwork is there.

Now, that’s easy. Let us help you work smarter.

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