Insurance Solutions

Workplace Efficiency – covered

When a customer sends you documents you may need to gather additional information and it’s often a challenge to get. Has the applicant been in a car accident? How is his health? Does he have other policies?


Our solution is adaptable and flexible so it meets your specific needs. You’ll be more efficient and able to manage more claims without adding employees. Yet, your staff’s work will still be high quality.

Property & Casualty

When you centrally manage information with our solution, you’re able to advance the claim faster and provide more attentive care. The information stored in the system gives staff full transparency into all requests, actions and responses.

Workers' Compensation

Whether you’re managing new business or processing claims, your admin system needs to be equipped with the integrative strength and case management functionality to efficiently respond to work-related injury or illness.

Leverage Information

You’re frustrated. You need instant access to files and documents and you want to respond quickly to agent inquiries. But your office technology isn’t up to speed, the functionality doesn’t let you serve your customers to the best of your ability and the application process has you inundated with paper.

We understand your wanting to modernize but having to stick with your legacy content management system. Don’t stress. ImageSoft has you covered. We’ll get you automated, digitized and streamlined with our enterprise content management solution. We give you more functionality and you don’t have to replace your policy administration software.

Departments of Insurance – This One’s for You!

We didn’t forget about you! As the governing force securing insurance industry practices, Departments of Insurance (DOI) uphold the standard for reliable processes. What better way to cultivate an environment of security, accessibility and fluidity for carriers, agents and citizens than by digital transformation?

Take a stroll through our DOI-specific webpage for a thorough inspection of our streamlined solution, complete with an audit trail of all its regulatory capabilities. And don’t miss the featured, appropriately punchy side-bar podcast “The CIO’s Worst Nightmare. And Something About Dilbert.”

Meet Goals

Our integrated ECM solution efficiently manages scanned documents, faxes, print streams, application files, electronic forms, Web content, multi-media files, emails and industry-standard files such as ACORD XML. Our ImageSoft solution using OnBase combines integrated document, workflow, business process and record management into a single application. The platform integrates with policy administration and claims processing systems from leading providers like Guidewire, DuckCreek, CSC, and StoneRiver, as well as legacy AS400 Mainframe systems.

We’ll restructure your business processes and set you up with technologies to automate the labor-intensive tasks you’re ready to abandon. You’ll increase your ability to take on new business and reduce your cycle times.

Let us streamline your insurance business—risk-free.

quotesWe’re doing noticeably more work with less people. But it’s not just the amount of work; the quality of the work and the quality of service has increased as well.”

— Said Taiym, Chief Information Officer, AF Group

quotesThe OnBase system has provided us with leading-edge technology, enabling efficient business practices and resulting in a superior customer experience.”

— Matthew Turack, Vice President, Insurance
CAA South Central Ontario