Built-In Compliance Safeguards. Widespread Constituent Accessibility. End-to-End Process Efficiency.

System Consolidation and Automation for State Agencies

Guided by visions to fairly and efficiently serve your public, Government staff are continuously innovative in their ideas on how to make regulatory compliance both easy to understand and achieve for constituents. Every agency strives for five-star customer service and being known for keeping costs low.

The question is how to succeed with turning these integrable purposes into measurable realities.

The answer? It’s simple.

Simplify State Systems

It’s easy to complicate, isn’t it? Clustered email inboxes, inaccessible spreadsheets and data siloes  masquerade your operations as being customer focused when, in reality, regard for customer experience is obsolete from your legacy processes. What started as a fairly simple business model has monopolized your entity with complex, confusing and disjointed efforts, such as duplicate data entry, document hunts and spreadsheets galore – all costing you:

Valuable staff time. Regulatory Compliance. Respect. Your Mission.

Consolidating existing business applications, such as ESRI, Cityworks, other business applications, into a single, electronic workflow brings to life your clear vision for efficient, compliant and customer-centric practices. Scroll below to look at the State Agency Solution’s core blueprints – each feature designed to solve for the primary challenges of legacy systems.

The State Agency’s Streamlined Solution

Trade in your siloed efforts for one, comprehensive and centralized system that does it all – plus some. While each state agency’s solution is custom fit and scaled to their individual business needs, there are core capabilities guaranteed throughout to innately meet compliance standards and speed up processes. So whether you’re on-site, at the coffee shop or in the office, you have the ability to access and achieve.

Key a search for customer or project information, and the centralized data hub will pull it for you. From customer information and project specifics to audit trails and notes, your core, enterprise system hosts it all in a secure, Cloud environment that is accessible by authorized staff and users. Externally, public-facing self-service portals allow constituents to securely upload their own documents or files, which are then automatically routed to Clerks, Agents, or the respective department and, when approved, become indexed as part of the person’s file.

Following the orders of your custom checklists, routing your documents off to their next destination is seamless and automated with one click. Built into user dashboards are custom buttons, such as “Send to review queue,” “Mark Complete,” “Click to Sign” and many others. The instantaneous workflow eliminates the time wasted walking files to desk trays, asking for “read receipts” on emails and/or waiting on the postal service.

No more changing screens, signing in and out of programs or working in multiple systems at once. Integrate your core enterprise system with all existing business applications to make workflows and data collection even easier. Universal integration means combining your ESRI, Cityworks, back-office systems and more into one system that is easily accessed from the user’s intuitive dashboard.

Multi-factor authentications, such as document encryption and redaction, access codes, time-stamped updates and more, can be built into all, or only certain, processes. Doing so makes it easy to provide an auditor with access to requested materials without providing complete enterprise visibility. Complete audit trails are also available to show who interacted with a document, when and what was done. And 360-degree visibility dashboards keep staff, managers and directors honest while providing insight into bottlenecks and overall performance metrics.

Whether staff are in-office, at home or on-site, everyone can continue their communication and collaboration from mobile devices, such as tablets or iPads. Mobile accessibility is ideal for inspections or just granting access to authorized users who may be on-the-go. Notifications and on-site access allow users to stay on top of timelines while turning projects and customer inquiries around faster than ever.

Calling All State Agencies

Department of Agriculture

Department of Corrections

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

Department of Health and Human Services

Department of Insurance

Department of Labor

Department of Motor Vehicles

Department of Transportation

Department of Revenue

Department of Social Services

Department of Veterans Services

And More

Don’t See Your Department on the list?

Don’t worry! Every State Agency Solution is built-to-scale and molded around your specific needs – we all know one size truly never fits all.

For a more comprehensive list of options for your agency, a free demo, or just more information, please contact us using the eForm or live webchat to your right.

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