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Merging Maps and Data for Single-Screen Simplicity

Geographic Information System solutions have changed the way government agencies review and analyze data. Today’s communities are using Esri GIS to support planning, analysis and efficient processes. Maps help reveal infrastructure information from water and sewers to roads, bridges and fixtures.

Ready to access content directly from Esri maps? When we connect your GIS applications to OnBase, you can make decisions and process documents faster without having to leave your familiar GIS environment. Paper processing is eliminated and multiple staffers can access documents for review at the same time. OnBase connects to asset management, permitting and planning solutions and lets you work in Azteca Cityworks® and Accela Automation® or other applications you use.

You can even add a map layer to documents, showing a more detailed picture which helps clear up questions. You can retrieve documents, seamlessly geocode them and use them as another dataset for geospatial analysis. And who doesn’t appreciate good geospatial analysis?

Notice a pothole in the road? You can give the coordinates and then pull up the location in Esri. Open a work order form, enter the pothole that needs to be fixed and hit submit, sending it to the public works department. If working on a building, you can view road plans and locate the power lines and sewage under the road. Or, if looking at a photo of a well, you can click on OnBase, pull up the history on the Esri map and see where the gas lines are.

Let ImageSoft automate your processes and you’ll capture and secure documents, work faster and go mobile—all so you can serve your constituents better.

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