Planning & Public Services Solutions

Keeping Community Departments Connected

Streamlining Planning, Projects and Permits

Keeping community departments (public works, building and engineering, police, fire and parks and recreation) connected, centers around easily sharing critical information. Whether overseeing building plans, certificates of occupancy or permits, better communication through streamlined technology benefits government and your constituents. But how do you reap the perks? An ImageSoft solution using OnBase will get the job done. We’ll transform your processes with automation, so projects are reviewed simultaneously, collaboratively and quickly. Once automated, you can offer self-service and online access, allowing you to relinquish your tether to the phone. Our solution will capture and secure documents, link your databases and give you more mobility.

With your assets stored in a central document repository, you’ll find your content in one place when it’s time to complete reviews, inspections or other processes. OnBase connects to asset management, permitting and planning solutions and lets you work in Azteca Cityworks® and Accela Automation® or other applications your staff uses daily. You’re able to easily manage plan revisions, contracts and CAD drawings.

Professional Licensing Boards

With an ImageSoft solution, staying on top of licensing requirements is easier than ever. You can immediately capture and store an array of documents from application and renewal forms to identity documents, school accreditations and certifications. You can trust that confidential information remains secure and that you comply with privacy, professional records management and retention policies. We’ll give you holdup-free workflow technology in everyday business processes like responding to investigations, background checks and disciplinary actions with accurate and complete files.

Electronic Plan Review

If plans require multiple revisions, it’s difficult to manage mounds of paper, which slows the review process and there’s more delays trying to stay on top of undocumented changes. With our electronic plan review solution, we automate the submission, review and certification process, speeding up community development and infrastructure initiatives. Plans are submitted electronically and routed for review. Multiple reviewers can mark up and give comments in real time for complete collaboration on any project. You’ll receive updates of changes and can easily compare plan revisions which show all the tracked changes. For city inspections, for example, architects can propose plans electronically and then put them into workflow so different people can give comments and send the plans back. When an architect makes revisions, the electronic planner shows the changes with highlights. The portal gives updates to submitters and all versions are tracked automatically.

ESRI Integrations

Geographic Information System (GIS) users can access supporting documents right from maps, speeding up processes like reviews and approvals. We use OnBase as a document repository that sits under Esri GIS technology, and we link the two together, giving you an efficient way to manage your tasks faster. Read more to see how you can take advantage of digital technology by letting ImageSoft help you work smarter.


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