Remedying Ailing Point Systems

The Public Health Agency’s Digital Cure

Just as overall wellness is a cornerstone of why Public Health Agencies serve, so should it be a prescription for how they operate.

A critical distinctness of public health organizations is that, in a single inspection, diagnoses or evaluation, entire populations are protected. Restaurant inspections ensure safe dining experiences. One policy mobilizes communities to partner in wars against viruses and sub-par health practices. Clinically successful treatments save hundreds. And when every function of an organization has such population-wide effects, the means by which it investigates, evaluates, licenses, educates and mobilizes cannot be congested.

Public Health Agencies, too, need a single, enterprise, omni-serviceable solution that’s robust enough to support all its efforts.

From restaurant and food supplier inspections, septic tank permitting and medical office licensing to epidemiology, disaster relief efforts and more, this scale of programmatic responsibilities necessitates an end-to-end platform solution that champions today’s most efficient, secure inspection and licensing practices and is also adaptable and transformative during pandemics and other forces outside of our control. Supporting dozens of diverse, disparate point systems works against the fluidity and flexibility agency’s need, delaying access to environmentally healthy resources and restoration of ailing practices.

Under the Microscope

A double-edged design, the public health’s digital solution streamlines communication in a way that enriches and bolsters Environmental Health practices, such as inspections and licensing, while always prepared to “up the ante” at the drop of a hat, transforming to meet the faster paces and intricate needs of emergency situations.

For example, seeking to respond to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, a pre-digitalized Public Health Agency configures the components of its OnBase solution into a power-house response tool in a matter of days. Had the agency not already been digital, the emergency solution could still be stood up in a matter of weeks. Once equipped with the necessary interlocking solution components of business applications, the Rapid Response Concept Solution serves as a springboard for application building needs, curating configurations to dramatically reduce the go-live time by using pre-built, pre-tested components, including:

Generate Template Letters and Web Content: For efforts in coordinating official communications, agencies leverage MS Office integration, Document Composition and OnBase Web Server.

Mobile Capture Data on Forms: Image and Unity Forms are available for tracing, interviewing and mobile testing data capture.

Capture Email Communication: Integration to Outlook and Mailbox integrations support the capture of case activities and automated communication.

Digital Workflow: The configurable rules-based Workflow engine is not just integrated, but is an integral component of each of these solution requirements.

Case Management: OnBase’s Case Management tool empowers knowledge-workers and supports the centralized, organized, accessible and completely auditable management of every case.

Lab Test Capture: Critical to large community of testing sites, the Lab Test Capture feature ingests and processes reports without any data entry, supporting COLD/ERM and HL7 results.

Reporting and Mapping: Integration to ESRI supports Heat Signature Mapping while dashboard reporting gives scientists and public health officials complete visibility into how quickly an ailment is spreading and in which communities.

Internally Inoculating Agencies Against Crises

In times of dangerously contagious health pandemics, the Public Health Agency’s Digital Solution doubles as an internal Crisis Management Tool.

Providing a handy check-list function ensures team members take the correct, precautionary steps to effectively and efficiently handle situations. Employees who may be infected by the virus may self-report their situation to their leadership and Human Resources team members who, based on severity, can determine whether individuals need to work remotely. The crisis management concept allows HR departments to track the lifecycle of this case from the initial report, through any actions that need to be taken and, finally, to case closure. This tracking enables organizations to proactively assist and protect their employees in a time of need, especially when e-mail and spreadsheets could be limited.

A one-stop shop for documents, communication, and data related to the case, the Public Health Agency’s “Digital Cure” internally ensures:

  • Initiation Forms to front-end the asks
  • Administration Panels to handle different rules and action plans
  • Full-text, keyed searches of individuals or existing cases
  • Checklist, task and note management
  • Automated notifications of status updates, test results, etc.

Composing Public Health Campaigns

Whether you’re promoting an Environmental Health campaign around best practices or reporting on and treating a health crisis, the digital Public Health solution assists in quickly and effectively reaching populations with the preventative and precautionary measures needed to educate people and mitigate ailments. Empowering people with the right information, through the most valuable channels, is a mutually valued, foundational pillar of Public Health Organizations and Hyland’s Content Composer.

A comprehensive customer communication management solution, Content Composer generates personalized communications and translates consistent messaging across every distribution channel, including the web, brochures, presentations, video, and more. Integrative with core business systems, Content Composer promotes data integrity by pulling information values directly from multiple systems, eliminating errors and leveraging the most up-to-date information from the primary source.

A robust design and creation tool, Content Composer provides:

  • A re-purposeful template, component library and on-demand document generation that can be dynamically loaded from other systems before being bundled for packaging or automatic batch production
  • Flexible, omni-channel output includes print, fax, email, archives and portals, and supports standard formats like AFP, PCL, PS, PDF and TIFF
  • Output channels and formats can be customized thanks to configurable workflows, and powerful output management supporting postage optimization, barcode/OMR generation and other post-processing essentials.

Contagious, Right?

If you’ve caught a bug for digitalization and want to learn more about the Public Health Agency’s Digital Cure, Content Composer or both, please reach out to us. Our demos are known to be contagious!


The Public Health’s Digital Solution accounts for every step in your agency’s thorough inspection and licensing practices. From restaurants and food chain suppliers to medical offices, barber shops and beautician licensing, end-to-end digitalization securely streamlines every step, including:

Background checks

Environmental data collection

Statements of Issues

Child Health Considerations


Maps, photos, tables and figures

Action plans



And more!


Whether we’re in the midst of a wide-spread health emergency or responding to isolated wellness concerns in localized communities, communicating policies, precautionary steps and preventative actions are critical. Which is why Content Composer, a start-to-publish customer communication management (CCRM) tool, is going viral.