Turn-Key Efficiency Housed Under One Solution

Streamlined Shelter Services

Time to “raise the roof” on your housing process?

As agencies understand, advocating affordable housing on someone’s behalf already requires the Housing Authorities to be the “hostess with the most-est,” – gathering and presenting certification and re-certification documents, HCV tenant and ‘unit’ files, managing annual follow-ups, and ping-ponging paperwork between landlords and tenants for information.

Talk about your never-ending housekeeping list!

Declutter your processes with a single, automated enterprise content management system (ECM). Housed under one roof within a single premise or cloud-based repository, Housing Authorities and tenants can access, work on and push case files out the door with just a few clicks.

Ready to see the blueprints?

Foundational Functionality to Build On

Electronic Case Files

Thanks to desktop and/or front office scanning, the content management system uses data from your core business systems to index documents and/or automatically classify and read the documents for information to be used for business processing. Where possible, manual paper-based certifications and re-certs are transitioned to electronic processes. No matter their origin, digitalized documents are automatically stored in electronic folders with color-coded tabs – paint inspiration, anyone?

Probably of the highest value, seamlessly linking the document case files with core business systems for retrieval prepares staff for any call or inquiry with real-time status updates and information – no need to walk around the office block searching people’s desks for case files or delaying customer service because someone is out on lunch.

Whether its tenant letters, income verification requests, or re-certification notices, the content management system composes and even electronically delivers these on-demand or in-response to a completed task. With the ability to digitalized official forms with required fields, data validation and drop-down boxes, the risk involved with manual entry by constituents, such as incomplete fields, skipping boxes or forgetting a signature, is mitigated.

With a new home for all your content and room for a growing organization, you’ll be amazed at the free space your ECM system will provide.

Integrative Case Management System

Able to integrate with Section 8 software systems, Microsoft Office, Outlook, or any core system, case files become immediately accessible and real-time status updates are made within the core system. Any status changes in the software can be programmed to initiate an automatic workflow response within the ECM system. An audit trail holds everyone accountable by tracking interactions and takes transparency a step further as your ECM details workloads, project statuses, pending re-certs and more. Kitchen sink not included.

Automated Workflows and Reporting Dashboards

Automated workflows perform a range of tasks better than any smart home. Core system updates initiate workflow responses, such as printing a pending re-cert or a letter housed within the ECM system. Multiple tasks are then reduced to a single mouse click, which can then initiate the properly programmed response, whether it be generating an email or securely sending information to an external agency. Pre-configured rules for each step preserve the integrity of a process by ensuring that policies and procedures are followed. With approval processes that can vary based on business data or other triggers, this digitalized workflow paves the walkway to a 360-degree environment for increased productivity and a well-ordered office.

Reporting dashboards provide a visual way to see the key business information before HUD knocks on the door. Whether it’s the missing documents, backlog volume, individual productivity scores, average processing times, bottlenecks or other important metrics, supervisors have the answer before HUD can raise the question.

As this robust approval process works hand-in-hand with reporting dashboards, a transparent window opens to the status and journey of case files to ensure no application falls through the cracks.

Grant Management and Compliance

Continuously challenged to do more with less, government agencies and especially Housing Authorities struggle to keep processes compliant, budgets filled, and deadlines met.

Working with our enterprise content management system ensures all three. Automate compliance-focused tasks and enforce records retention to ensure your processes are at par with federal requirements and your agency never misses a grant opportunity. Even as seasoned case workers retire, the digitalized files and automated workflow have your back so deadlines aren’t missed and processes won’t suffer at the hands of trainees or during short-staffed times.

Opening Doors for Clients and Staff

Equipping Housing Authorities with such a highly configurable ECM equips staff with the self-service access and visibility needed to quickly house every tenant. And with such intuitive tools, staff will feel right home while making as much impact as possible with limited resources.

For more information and/or a demo on our housing solution, please contact us. Our virtual door is always open!


Going paperless opens the door to numerous benefits but, if we had to pick the top five for Housing Authorities, these would be most valuable.


Get clients into homes faster with improved intake processes


Put the world of information in your hands with automated processes, reduced costs and minimized risk