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If you want to gain public trust, your agency needs transparency, but heavy paper reliance and manually meeting requests for public records makes meeting deadlines a challenge. Are the documents housed in different departments, at various locations in a towering file cabinet or in a dark, damp basement? If so, fulfilling requests may appear to be at a standstill.

And then there’s the lost time agency staffers will never get back: Government departments spend about 260 minutes per day meeting public records requests.

You’re under pressure to give the public easy access to records. How do you maintain records when IT spending on backend solutions like enterprise content management isn’t always seen as a critical investment? We can help you simplify requests, fulfillment and tracking with our public records solution using OnBase. When requests come in and are fulfilled, OnBase compiles them and posts them on an online portal. Records are stored in a single electronic location and can be retrieved with a range of search tools from full text to keywords.

A benefit of going paperless is handing over accessibility so public documents are available 24/7 through online self-service. Think of the time saved when you don’t have to meet every personal request to locate and provide someone’s document. You kindly direct them to a link so they can search and retrieve their item of choice on their own.

An ImageSoft solution will help your effectiveness in scaling to the state, county and city levels. Our document management solution will adapt to fit your agency’s needs for document capture and you’ll be able to handle records according to regulatory requirements and public demand.

OnBase can automatically place the documents in an electronic folder so you avoid the panic of someone taking a form out of a physical file and the next person grabs it with something missing. You get reporting dashboards that identify where delays exist and staffers automatically get notified when deadlines are looming. When a document requires a redaction of confidential information, an ImageSoft solution saves valuable personnel hours by efficiently searching the data to pull with a quick turnaround, which results in better constituent service on your end.

Don’t you want your 260 minutes back?


Simplify the process to request, fulfill and deliver public records


Transform the clerk’s office with one public records solution