Agenda Management Solutions

Managing Meetings in a Modern World

Pulling together an agenda and the accompanying materials that need to make an appearance, from documents to spreadsheets, can keep your staff deskbound until the meeting’s come and gone. And then there’s the challenge of trying to figure out if the latest version is ready to go, only to tack on extra hours printing and collating with more last-minute changes. Did someone say efficiency? Yeah, you need that. We can help. It’s what we do.

With an ImageSoft agenda management solution utilizing OnBase, we’ll automate the labor-intensive approval, assembly and distribution of agenda and minutes management tasks, speeding up legislative processes.

It’s not uncommon to find clerks relying on a system of phone calls, emails, spreadsheets and notes to respond to inquiries. Our agenda management solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of clerks. After hours of printing, copying and collating for the next meeting agenda, the last thing they want to hear is what’s in their hands isn’t the latest version. You can give clerks instant gratification when they auto-create and assemble packets with a simple click.

When agenda items come in through emails, Word documents, spreadsheets and paper, gathering the material is often a daily battle. But it doesn’t have to be that way when we help you. Our agile solution using OnBase automatically adds ordinance and resolution numbers, page numbers, placeholder pages and additional information.

Government Agencies Spend Roughly 1,000 Minutes per Day Copying Paper Documents

Your staff can centrally manage requests and send agendas on for approval and workflow automation. Plus, a built-in audit trail enforces the proper review and approval procedures. Publish your meeting in minutes on the web, automate follow-up actions and track agenda items. Done. Too easy? Yes, and that’s how it should be.

Agenda-tackling tools:

  • Auto Pack. Give your constituents and council members the items they need for each meeting, and clerks can automatically create separate packets for public and executive sessions, which can be referenced online with a PC or tablet.
  • Easy Post. As soon as a session wraps, it can be posted immediately with a single click. The bookmark can direct your constituents to the key agenda points.
  • Live Vote. The legislative body can register votes via touchscreen while they’re immediately displayed through information panels in the session. OnBase tracks the votes for post-session reference.

A modern legislative process is possible when you go paperless. Let ImageSoft streamline your system to manage agendas, minutes, video, voting and records related to your meetings. Clerks will see the payoff and your constituents and elected officials will see more work getting done with ease and speed. And that’s what every agency needs.

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Be more efficient with streamlined processes for agendas, minutes, video, records and voting