Finance & Administration

Fueling Government Administrative And Financial Solutions

Accounts Payable

Revving up your finance and accounting processes when we add our AP solution is a life-changer. You score inter-departmental processing, better decision making and the smooth ability to share critical information with the right people.

Human Resources

Gain access to prospective and current employee documents and information directly from within the application when we seamlessly integrate with your human capital management (HCM) system.

Agenda Management

Speed up legislative processes with automated approval, assembly and distribution of agenda and minutes management tasks

Public Records

Modern court administration focuses on satisfying constituent demand for greater access, improved transparency, and increased efficiency.

Breakthrough Technology

With finance and administration functions at the core of government, departments are strained working with passé data systems and paper-pushing processes. Government organizations hold some of the largest accounts payable and human resources departments in the world, and the manual effort requiring staff and dollars to rely on paper isn’t money well spent.

With an ImageSoft solution using OnBase, we can bring you automation, cutting back on processing time so you can focus on vital government responsibilities, challenges and functions. We’ll give you a single, flexible platform that connects data and processes to your current system, so your previous investments aren’t wasted. Our teams understand requirements and challenges unique to government agencies: constituent service delivery, transparency, asset management and financial processes. We can help you function in a more modern, efficient way, where you will get a major return on your investment.

A Better Way to Manage Contracts and Vendors

Managing the contracts and vendors across all your government agencies can be a huge task. Too often, staffers don’t know if a contract exists, in force, or if a vendor is in the system, and there is no good process that makes it easy to submit, verify, collaborate and execute. Not to mention all the interruptions from staff needing a status update or the cumbersome process of using email to manage versions and redlines. OnBase can streamline the process to manage the contracts process and onboard your vendors, linking to your key systems and tracking all versions for a smoother operation.