Electrocharged Customer Service

Digitized Electricity Co-Ops

Imagine this: you’re on the phone with a customer who has a question about their electricity bill. To answer their question, you need to pull up several pieces of information – where do you look?

Racing through your mind of where their history might be, you quickly think of several options:

A) Open the billing system, B) open the customer’s account in CRM, C) Check your email, and/or D) look through old phone messages

Truthfully, your answer should be “none of the above,” but with information entered in multiple, disjointed systems and data silos preventing easy, real-time access for those who need it, answering a simple customer request has become unnecessarily complex.

Curious About Busting Down Silos?

 Sounds fun, right? Just wait until you see all the opportunities that connected, streamlined systems provide for both your business and customer service – it’s a great time for all. Always available for a conversation, feel free to bring your questions and curiosities to us via eForm or the live webchat to your right.

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One, Secure Location for All Documents

Without changing any existing systems, Electrical Co-Ops can house all their customer records and information in a secure, centralized environment that meets even the toughest regulatory criteria and retention requirements. And with affordable subscription pricing, adopting a digitized workflow process saves you time and money right off the bat!

Gain a better visual of what an efficient, transparent and, dare we say, electrocharged workflow looks like as we journey through the key takeaways below:

Did you know?

Paper was the first legacy information system – it’s over 2000 years old!

Integrate All Business Processes

Your billing system, work order system, CRM system, Email system, your any-and-every system – it all connects to OnBase and works together with the same pool of information. Doing so increases visibility so users can better gauge system performance, measure ROI and stay prepared for audits.

Paperless Board Meetings

Yes, the system even supports paperless Board Meetings! Integrations with Microsoft Office and Outlook help users effortlessly tack on agenda items, even at the last minute. Best yet, attendees will have all their notes at their fingertips, which eliminates any printing or the need for handouts.

Streamlined from the Start

In addition to connecting existing back-office systems to your new, centralized workflow, Electricity Co-Ops save even more time and money by streamlining the processes from the start. Ask about our digital solutions for AP/AR, human resources, contract management, electronic signatures and digital forms!

Instant Access to All Content Types

Whether it’s a billing statement, service plan, hook-up inspection, design document, notes from the last service call or even just a phone message – all your customer histories are instantly accessible with the click of a button. This is one-click access is tremendously helpful when handling FOIA/ Public Access requests.

Integrate GIS to Any Content Type

Connecting your ESRI software to your system is not only easy, but highly recommended. Users simply select a customer’s address and the system will automatically populate all the customer’s history and digital information directly onto your screen.

Save Hours of Manual Work with Electronic Forms

Replacing paper forms with electronic forms eliminates (often duplicative) data entry and streamlines the data collection process – saving you and your customers significant time while keeping that competitive five-star customer service intact.

Bound by a Budget?

Almost everyone is!

Ask for more information on our subscription plan pricing – it’s a funding option you can’t afford to miss.