The Crossroads of Accessibility, Mobility and Efficiency

Paving the DOT’s Road to Streamlined, Connected Process Management

The path to a successful Department of Transportation (DOT) project gets bumpy with so many stakeholders, siloed documents and disjointed steps involved. While travelers only see orange barrels and road signs, the DOT team designs and maintains a complex process of procurement, development and maintenance that ebbs and flows between administration offices, contractors, inspectors, and more.  

Buckle up and let securely streamlined processes and project synchronization drive your DOT’s vehicle for progress. With our end-to-end, digital DOT solution, all the stops for inefficiencies are pulled to enhance the quality of life not only for your communities, but for your team – bringing everyone together at the crossroads of mobility, accessibility, transparency and flexibility.

Chatting Up Planes, Trains and Automobiles

When the entire team can see projects’ real-time standings, priorities fall into order, response times are faster, and there is more flexibility to pivot when unforeseen circumstances swerve into your lane.

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Plan Together

Your rules-based, digital workflow keeps the admin offices and inspectors in continuous communication, expediting every project’s planning phase. Seamless integrations with ESRI, Azteca Cityworks and other process applications jumpstart projects with need-to-know info right at user’s fingertips. With one click, work orders, work histories and other documents populate directly on the user’s tablet, smartphone or computer while electronic forms keep work orders instantaneously updated throughout.

Paperless Contract Management

Ensure unmistakable scopes of work with documentation stored in one, secure location – not several disjointed siloes. A rules-based workflow ensures proper protocol is followed with every project, and that inspections and process acceptance are reviewed and verified by all necessary parties. With paperless contract management, nothing falls through the cracks!

Collaboration & Design

With as-builts, CAD drawings and all other files centralized into one information portal, DOT users quickly share feedback with their team thanks to one-click submissions from their tablet, smartphone or laptop. This empowers bi-directional data exchange and collaboration between design teams with edits and notes made directly on-screen. Once submitted, automatic notifications alert and prompt the receiving party that feedback is available.

24/7 Development

With as-builts and other data continuously updated throughout the project’s lifecycle, mobile updates keep the inspectors filled in 24/7. Using their smartphones, tablets or desktop dashboards, users can pre-set notifications to alert specific parties when certain project changes are made, ensuring process visibility and that timelines don’t get derailed by delayed communications.

Paper was the first, legacy information system – it’s over 2000 years old!

Inspection and Maintenance

Development and asset management teams rely on the DOT solution for secure sharing and document exchange through the lifecycle of a project. From the case management dashboard, assets are traced thanks to a full audit trail detailing the project’s chain of custody, updates and more. Workflow and GIS integrations prioritize the inspector’s day while eForms, automatic notifications and mobile access ensure that updated reports are seen and addressed in a timely matter – even while on-the-go.