The Less Taxing Way to Capture, Store, Access and Audit

Electronic Processing for Departments of Revenue

Responsible for the fiscal health of your states, Departments of Revenue (DOR) need time to establish road maps for financial stability, create and promote financial literary resources, continuously assess and mitigate risks, and attend to a host of higher-level initiatives – none of which can take place when the majority of the DOR’s man-power is manually processing mail, sieving through ceiling-high stacks of documents and free handing their general ledgers.

Processing taxes doesn’t need to be a taxing feat – there is an easier, more auditable way to manage and account for every taxpaying citizen and organization, and it starts with digitizing the framework of your data governance.

DOR Processes That Are DOA?

If your state’s fiscal processes are dead on arrival, you’ve arrived at the right place.

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Secure and Efficient Tax Administration

Designed for the best possible data capture and accuracy, your digital DOR solution protects customer information with the utmost care – setting a standard for more accountable, customer-focused operations and policies. Permissions-based access and completely auditable document histories ensure you know exactly when and by whom checks and forms were received, while our customizable platform extends eForms, electronic intakes and processing, and self-service payment options to constituents and staff.

Journey through the nuts-and-bolts of our digital DOR solution below and see how providing an efficient framework to staff and serving your customers well establishes your DOR as a leader in fiscal responsibility, public service, employee recruitment and retention, and innovation.

Indexed and streamlined DOR solutions support Power of Attorney (POA) correspondence to ensure all tax-related communications are directed toward the appropriate powers of attorney for follow-up – not misdirected and/or unaddressed.

Electronic Forms

Migrating from paper forms to eForms simplifies and streamlines the filing process for DORs and constituents. Forms for every type of business can be created and made accessible to the public online. Customization options are especially accommodating to seasonal businesses and their revenue guestimates.

Document Storage & Electronic Foldering

Electronic foldering automates the organization and itemization of large, complex files, enabling the organization and permissions-based access of each tax-payer document by year, legal history, by audit trail and/or especially by Power of Attorney – ensuring all tax-related correspondences go to the current power of attorneys.

Data Capture for ERPs

Electronic data capture supports automatic indexing for general ledgers and building cases. Our DOR processing system leverages a hybrid environment where data capture is performed in your on-premise system and then stored in a highly secure Cloud, such as Microsoft Azure.

Bulk-Batch Scanning

While available to all Departments of Revenue, the bulk-batch scanning capability is especially supportive of income-based DORs where ceiling-high accumulations of carbon copy tax forms and supporting documents can be bulk scanned into your new digital environment.

Payment Processing

Departments of Revenue electronic processing solutions also integrate with payment processors. Organizations can simply integrate with existing processing systems, or ask about adopting ImageSoft’s payment processor as part of your solution.


Consider integrating an electronic signature option, such as TrueSign, with your DOR solution. eSigning allows filers and DOR personnel to electronically and securely sign off on every dotted line – sustaining an entirely end-to-end digital process, and ensuring all document interactions, including signatures, are accounted for.