The Auditor’s License to Streamlined, Secure Practices.

Departments of Insurance

Champions of compliant processes, accessible information and secure practices, Departments of Insurance function with the sole pursuit of safeguarding everyone else. But when the standard for confident regulatory practices starts and ends with your department, you need to be well-equipped to track the records and issues of all your licensed agents, agencies, citizens and, most importantly, your own department.

So how can you manage your claim (see what we did there?) that you truly do uphold industry standards? With OnBase, of course.

An Audit Trail of Regulatory Capabilities

A highly-configurable regulatory solution, OnBase takes whatever shape is needed to cultivate a secure environment of streamlined, intuitive communication between users and citizens. Doing so enables the Department of Insurance to quickly obtain the restitution and justice needed for victims and vulnerable citizens, present the necessary information needed for consumers to make their best insurance decisions, and quickly address complaints without bottlenecks.

(Investigative) Case Management System

Vigilant regulation of all agencies, insurers, license renewals, complaints, and histories can be overwhelming and time consuming to file and, later, locate. These complexities only thicken when trying to manage both regular and investigative cases.

With OnBase serving as your single, central repository for all case information, including phone calls, emails and more, organizing your records is done with just a few clicks. Integrative with all pre-existing business applications, users and authorized parties have access to all necessary information from a single, familiar interface. This is a double win for investigative cases, which can securely be shared with prosecutors, auditors and all other case-affiliated parties for a streamlined, transparent investigation conducted directly out of the system.

On-Site Audit Inspection Activity

Gone are the days of emailing yourself and printing off photos, documents and other information collected during an on-site audit or visit.

Equipped with OnBase’s mobile briefcase capability, auditors have all the access and capture capability needed without connectivity as a prerequisite. From their iPad, Windows tablet or other mobile device, auditors quickly and clearly capture all documentation, where each piece is then automatically funneled into the digitalized audit system.


Perhaps one of the department’s most valued services is fostering fair competition, sustainability and economic growth within the insurance community.

As a portal-type solution, OnBase allows agencies and brokers to make web accounts for their agents, cultivating a self-service environment for notifying and validating annual license renewals and continuing education certificates. Agents simply log in to their account and upload certificates and all other licensing information. From there, investigators and auditors can quickly and easily confirm an agent or agency’s good standing.

…And Financial Institutions

Remember when we said OnBase was your “highly-configurable” solution? We meant that.

For the dozen of state departments that umbrella their insurance and financial institution regulations, OnBase can provide a Bank Audit function in addition to capabilities listed above. Doing provides auditors with 360-degree look into their banks’ processes and makes it easy to identify and flag fraudulent and/or dishonest practices.

Need a More Thorough Inspection?

It’s in your nature, after all.

Tour through our OnBase webpage and watch a short video to see how this scalable solution fits your department. Feel free to follow it up with a call to one of our representatives, or request more information through our friendly webchat service.


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