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Governments Going Digital

More than ever, government agencies and departments are rising to meet the needs of their constituents. With Public Health Agencies adopting more robust inspection, licensing and public safety practices, end-to-end DOT solutions ensuring no projects get derailed and Housing Authorities putting more roofs over more heads, today’s government is both historically and noticeably more accessible, transparent and efficient.

Honored to partner with departments of insurance, transportation, revenue, housing, and other nation-wide governments, we are inspired by your commitment to aim higher and are continuously expanding our government solutions to meet the goals of you and your publics. As you explore the opportunities available to your agency, we also encourage you to learn more about our tried-and-trusted implementation strategy, “The ImageSoft Way.”

Housing and Human Services

“Raise the roof” on housing authority processes and place people in homes faster by integrations with Section 8 software, bottleneck visibility, automated processing, and little-to-no prep for HUD audits.

Public Health

Remedy ailing point solutions with end-to-end digitalization accounting for inspections, licensing practices, rapid response tools, public health campaigns, contact tracing and more.

Finance & Administration

Streamlined contract management, vendor relations, public records and back-office operations means more time for higher-level government initiatives, like constituent service and better budgeting.

Planning & Public Services

Keep community departments connected with integrations for GIS technology and Cityworks, electronic plan review and streamlined automation for planning, permits and every project.

Government Goes Digital

Serving more than 203,000 customers’ electricity needs, Clark Public Utilities’ manual process of passing invoices from desk to desk was not igniting any spark of efficiency or security. Not only were papers shadowing the office, personally identifiable information sat exposed in broad daylight.

If your government agency is using a mainframe that hasn’t been considered “high-tech” since you listened to REO Speedwagon on cassettes, it might be a good time to re-evaluate how well you’re really serving constituents. Because yes, they notice.

Thankfully, the ImageSoft team has bringing affordable, adaptable enterprise content management systems to state and local governments for quite some time. Always doing our best to integrate with your current case and records management system, no change in IT infrastructure is needed. It’s truly the epitome of business on the front end while maintaining a party in the back!

But don’t take our word for it. Enjoy the short video to your left in which Clark Public Utilities’ (CPU) Project Manager Suzi Walker shares how, by simply replacing their manual process management with a robust workflow, digitalized data storage and bar-code tracked documents, CPU’s office went from paper-shadowed to “illuminating a workflow glow.” So much so, Suzi is “still having ah-ha moments with OnBase!”

The One-Stop-Shop for “Departments Of” Everything 

It’s so easy to complicate, isn’t it?

With inaccessible spreadsheets, cluttered email inboxes and disjointed data siloes, many state agencies struggle to meet increasingly mobile customer expectations and compliance while also just staying on top of their workloads.

The truth is that you can put more time back into your staff’s day, achieve regulatory compliance, and largely increase constituent accessibility with one, comprehensive solution. Blueprinted with core capabilities guaranteed to scale alongside your evolving business needs, Departments of Transportation, Labor, Revenue, Insurance, Motor Vehicles and all other state agencies will innately consolidate operations and speed up processes with centralized data, seamless task transitions, no-hassle application integrations, compliance checkpoints and mobility.

Learn more about “The ImageSoft Way” of simplifying your operations by visiting our State Agency webpage.

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Equipped Government is Empowered Government

Whether your goal is to create greater public access, achieve faster turnaround, increase operational savings or all of the above, there’s a solution for you. 

Governments that go digital succeed with all their endeavors and with only a few tools in the box. OnBase’s 360-degree view of records and information gives staff and leadership the visibility they need in just one platform. One-click workflows electronically route information onto the next step, while a number of security checkpoints safeguard compliance and security. Seamless ESRI integrations put you on the map for mobility and collaboration while agenda and records management simplify searching to add more time back into your staff’s day.

Enterprise content management, robotic process automation (RPA) and enterprise file sync and share are, among others, the technical buzzwords of the digital transformation community. But we think talking about the benefits is more fun, don’t you?

If you’d like to start story lining your success story, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can click the webchat icon to your right, or send us a short message below.