It is a known fact that you can have the world’s most impressive and useful product to ever exist and still not be as successful as other brands. How can that be possible? At the end of the day, a product is only as good as the User Experience (UX) it provides. Your new product might have the answer to every question ever asked, but if it’s clunky and hard to use, it’s not going to be as well-received as you might hope. UX is the determining factor for success, and businesses are placing more emphasis than ever on improving how customers experience a product or service. Here at ImageSoft, we have always worked to provide unmatched user experience in all our offerings. TrueSign was carefully developed with a UX anyone would love, and we’ve been seeing just how valuable that is as customers switch from larger brands to us. Consumers want things to be easy and streamlined – TrueSign promises to be exactly that.

UX for Internal Users

When designing the TrueSign platform, we took great care to consider the internal user’s point of view. We knew the features we had to include, so the key was thinking through the “how.” We couldn’t just list all options in a single menu and call it a day – that would be chaotic and impractical. Instead, we took ourselves through the UX journey and carefully mapped out where logical tie-ins and shortcuts exist. The benefit of this approach can easily be seen, for example, when using our in-product template builder.  . Requiring the user to navigate to different locations for each field type they want to include wouldn’t be easy or streamlined.  With that thought in mind, our developers instead made a convenient list of all the field options that can easily be clicked and dragged wherever they’re needed. Our UX journey didn’t stop there, we wanted to ensure that the process of sending a document was as easy and streamlined as creating one.  To prevent the user from needing to search for an option to edit or add a recipient, our developers included those options directly within the builder so no additional search or leaving the current screen is required.

Our goal for internal user experience was (and is) to make the process from Step 1 to Step X as simple as possible. We don’t want our users to have to search for different tools or navigate from screen to screen, so we took great care to place them right on the page you’re working on. Because negative user experience can sour any product, we actively solicit feedback from our users.  This information is reviewed and used to develop our product roadmap to ensure that TrueSign continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs and demands of our users. Our goal is a UX unlike any other to truly provide the absolute most bang for your buck.

The External Signer User Experience

We don’t stop with internal users! One of the biggest advantages of TrueSign is the ability to send documents to external parties to collect signatures. We want to ensure that said parties are equally as satisfied with the platform. After all, many external signers are your customers, and we can only help you reach your business goals if we are working to impress your clients! Although external signing is less involved than the internal document setup, we are constantly evaluating and improving that UX. For convenience, TrueSign offers three ways for external users to sign: from email, text message, or QR code. In all cases, a phone, tablet, or computer is instantly transformed into a signature pad with the click of a button. There’s no need to source a third-party device, and signing can take place in seconds whenever the party has a moment to spare in their busy day. Once the signature is submitted, the external signer has the option to download the pdf for their files. We understand the user may want a copy for their records, especially when signing contracts and agreements, so we made the download option standard. Internal users will automatically receive the submitted form and can reach back out to the external party if needed. Otherwise, the external user can call the task complete and be on their way.

How is TrueSign UX Different?

We’ve already touched on several of the built-in features we created with the idea of user experience in mind. However, there is even more to TrueSign when it comes to being user-friendly. Let’s discuss a few of the features that help us stand out from the crowd in terms of ease of use and reliability:

  • Create envelopes to link related documents together: If you have multiple documents to send to a single signer, you can build an envelope with multiple signable documents held within it. A single envelope is much easier to keep track of than multiple independent documents, helping you stay organized and ease your stress. This feature has also helped reduce turnaround times because no file is forgotten.
  • Send documents to other parties with nothing more than an email address (or phone number): Unlike the traditional methods of obtaining signatures, TrueSign does not require a mailing address or a trip to someone’s place of work. Rather, with just an email address or phone number, the entire task can be completed. Many clients may hesitate to provide their personal information, so this is a wonderful alternative.
  • Store frequently used files in the Template Library to avoid reinventing the wheel each time you need them: Efficiency is key for a successful business. Repeating the same manual task is not conducive to an efficient environment. The Document Template Library allows you to build templates and save them as ready-to-send versions. Templates are perfect for new client agreements, release forms, sign-up sheets, and other minimally customized documentation. That said, templates can be altered and edited as needed!
  • View all interactions with a document for auditing purposes: If you want to see where in the process a document is, TrueSign can let you know. You can track progress and version history as needed to ensure all projects are on track and accessed by the correct user.
  • Authenticate signatures with Digital Certificates: All TrueSign signatures are backed by Digital Certificates. The platform validates the signature as legitimate so you can feel confident in the user’s intent to sign. Digital Certificates safeguard your agreements and help to ensure no changes are made after the signature is collected. Many regulated documents require a certificate, so TrueSign can be used as part of a CJIS or HIPAA-compliant solution.

If you’re looking for an electronic signature platform that promises the best possible user experience, look no further than TrueSign. We go to great lengths to keep our platform updated and user-friendly without sacrificing security, quality, or capabilities. Whether you’re an internal user or an external signer, TrueSign is easy to navigate and can help you get through the signing process in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. To learn more about TrueSign, please visit or reach out to the team.

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