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By adopting innovation in your Court, you build the foundation for a strong, reliable, and secure Justice System. ImageSoft is proud to bring leading-edge technology to Courts and Court personnel across the country. We design solutions with input from professionals in the industry to ensure each product can tackle specific challenges Justice Systems workers face every day.

Our solutions are the pillars you’ve been looking for to help modernize, digitize, and streamline your processes. With digital tools at your disposal, your Court can quickly reach its full potential.  

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Digital Evidence Management with Vault

Aiding in the collection, storage, management, and playback of multimedia evidence files

Courts across the country have recognized the importance of digital capabilities in providing justice in today’s climate. As video, audio, and other digital formats become commonplace among evidence files, it’s crucial to adopt solutions that make it possible to fully utilize these exhibits. Vault is a Digital Evidence Management platform tailored to the needs of Justice System personnel who regularly handle evidence. From nearly any device, digital files can be uploaded, normalized, stored, and played back in a single location.   

Vault can handle many of the most popular file types including MP3, MP4, MOV, WAV, Docx, JPEG, PNG, PDF, and more. All files are easily searchable once uploaded to the platform, allowing you to remain organized even during the most complex cases. All files are converted as necessary to a normalized format that is streamable or viewable directly within the Vault platform. This prevents dropped frames caused during downloads and exports of video files, guarantees secure sharing and, eliminates the need for multiple playback devices in court.  

Notable features include: 

      • Automatic audit trails to improve transparency and protect chain of custody 
      • Simple integrations with existing business applications for seamless implementation 
      • Government-level encryption and other security measures to guarantee all sensitive data is viewed only by authorized users 
      • In-platform notation to jot down private notes on individual exhibits 
      • 24/7 access from anywhere to allow all users to maximize their use of the platform in and out of the office  

Did You Know?

Did you know that over 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute? That’s 720,000 hours per day of uploaded video content from just one app alone!

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Electronic Filing with TrueFiling and TrueFiling Review

Assisting both filers and Court personnel in all stages of the legal document filing process

Where there are Courts, there are thousands of legal documents. Everyday, these documents are sent to Courts around the country through what has historically been an arduous process. ImageSoft heard the issues associated with traditional filing and sought to create a digital solution to ease the strain on all those involved with the process. Enter TrueFiling, an electronic filing platform for all filers and all case types. TrueFiling works with Content Management Systems to provide filers an electronic route to file documents in real-time with far less hassle. TrueFiling is extremely secure and can be implemented in Courts as the main method of filing. Filers (including pro se litigants) simply upload their documents, pay fees in-platform, and send their filings to the jurisdiction in question. No mail, no in-office visits, and no hassle.  

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the TrueFiling system, TrueFiling Review. This new “feature” aids the Courts directly by allowing staff to process filings in real-time, 100% digitally. TrueFiling Review is a web-based software designed as an alternative to file processing through your organization’s CMS. Ideal for smaller Courts, TrueFiling Review is a “lite” version of file processing, allowing you to skip the CMS features that aren’t necessary for your Court’s size. TrueFiling Review also give Courts the power to generate their own financial fee reports rather than requesting them through the traditional, complex process. We have given the Courts the power to complete the filing process from a single system for a unified and secure process. 

Other features of note include: 

      • Automatic tracking of all documents throughout the process 
      • Government-level security to protect confidential data 
      • Low-code configuration with existing  Content Management Systems 
      • In-platform payment and payment processing for convenience and security of funds 
      • 24/7, remote access to accommodate those no longer working regularly in the office

      Did You Know?

      Over 100 million cases are filed each year in state trial courts, and an additional 400,000 cases are filed in federal trial courts.

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      Online Dispute Resolution with RDO

      Providing an alternative to traditional court proceedings for civil cases and misdemeanors

      Across the US, people are looking for more affordable and accessible ways to get justice. One of the most common methods is mediation, now available online. Online Dispute Resolution allows parties involved in civil cases or misdemeanors to reach a monetary settlement out of the courtroom. ImageSoft is honored to be the North American representative for Resolve Disputes Online (RDO), an Online Dispute Resolution platform specializing in mediation and arbitration. With RDO, users can save countless hours and thousands of dollars reaching a settlement. 

      RDO is popularly used for emotionally-charged cases, or those involving a power imbalance. For example, landlord/tenant disputes, employee/employer cases, divorce proceedings, etc. Online mediation makes these cases less stressful for those involved by allowing both parties to be present in real-time via video without forcing them to be in the same room as one another. This aids in conducting civil conversations while maintaining the peace and keeping everyone feeling safe. Because everything is done online, legal fees are drastically reduced and all that’s needed is a computer. For those who otherwise cannot afford legal representation in court, RDO gives them the chance to negotiate on an even playing field with the opposing party.  

      Some of the most valuable features include: 

          • In-platform negotiation and payment for secure transactions 
          • User-friendly software that requires only a computer and internet connection 
          • Video conferencing capabilities for real-time meetings and discussions 
          • Virtual mediators and arbitrators to act as an unbiased third party 
          • Flexible accessibility to fit into busy schedules and reduce settlement time by up to several months 

      Did You Know?

      While traditional court trials can take up to a year or more from start to finish, many mediation cases are closed within a six-month time frame.

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      Electronic Signatures with TrueSign

      Aiding in improving efficiencies within the signature collection process

      In the Justice System, signatures truly make the world go around. Nearly all processes are dependent upon official signatures, be it of the involved party, a supervisor, or a notary. With so many documents to sift through, signature collection can quickly eat up hours out of your week, especially with more people working remotely. 

      TrueSign is ImageSoft’s Advanced Electronic Signature solution, used widely by Justice System organizations. TrueSign was developed to be secure, efficient, and convenient for all users, both inside and outside an organization. TrueSign allows signers to transform their phone, tablet, or computer into a digital signature pad for real-time signing. Signatures can be saved for one-click signing later, and clear required fields ensure all information is filled out properly the first time. TrueSign is one of our most popular solutions and is compatible with OnBase, other similar systems, or by itself.  

      Check out a few highlights: 

          • Document Template Library for saving ready-to-sign versions of common documents 
          • Proxy signing capabilities to assist high demand signers 
          • 3 ways to sign – QR code, email, or text message- for superior usability  
          • Digital certificates to validate all signatures 
          • Two flexible pricing options to best fit your organization’s needs 

      Did You Know?

      For organizations that switch from traditional signatures to digital signatures, there is roughly 80% less errors made during the process.

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      Workflows and Automation wtih OnBase by Hyland

      Helping organizations create and refine workflows to maximize productivity

      ImageSoft is a Platinum Reseller of OnBase by Hyland Software, an Enterprise Content Management solution with a focus on workflow and process creation as well as task automation. OnBase is at work in Courts across the US, helping staff to maximize their time and remove tedious tasks from their to-do lists.  

      OnBase is a highly configurable system that can be successfully implemented in Courts of any size. The platform is robust and comprehensive, offering a wide selection of modules that can be addedon based on your specific needs. OnBase can be integrated with nearly all of the most popular business applications to add to your existing system rather than replace it.  

      A few OnBase features include: 

          • Low-code configuration for simple implementation and integration 
          • Scalability to grow and adapt with your Court or organization 
          • Unmatched, Diamond-level support from the ImageSoft OnBase team 
          • Frequent updates inspired by challenges and requests from real customers 
          • Robotic Process Automation for automating tasks and entire processes

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