Keeping Prosecutors at the Forefront of Court Technology

Dynamically Digital Prosecution Solutions

Prosecutors have one goal – to provide speedy and fair trials to citizens across the nation. As the court climate changes, it can be a challenge for Prosecutors to keep up. Many legacy systems aren’t agile enough to accommodate a growing number of responsibilities, rapidly changing compliance measures, or new file types. Prosecutors can stay ahead of the curve by implementing digital solutions designed with them in mind. As more courts shift to a virtual or hybrid environment, Prosecutors need to find a solution that allows them to stay on task and submit all necessary documents without physically going to the court.

The following Digital Prosecution tools are just a few of the many solutions that have significantly decreased case defaults, optimized turnaround, and improved communication for Prosecutors. Stay in-the-know about breaks in the case, manage evidence during Digital Discovery, and sign documents from anywhere without missing a beat.

Digital Prosecution Solutions Demonstrations to Help you Reach a Verdict

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Vault for Digital Evidence Management

Times are changing, and it’s important for organizations to keep up. Most notably for the courts, is the growing prevalence of multimedia and digital evidence files. Some of the old methods employed by Prosecutors can’t easily handle the new material, causing delay and a lot of stress.  

Find relief from this very real, very widespread challenge by adopting Vault, the single, centralized, and secure Digital Evidence Management system for storing, securing, reviewing, and exchanging evidence of various formats. Vault works with Prosecutors to reduce paper use, improve case turnaround, and increase accessibility. 

Vault adapts to make sense for you, so it can a.) stand alone as an entirely Cloud-hosted system, or b.) serve as a hybrid model that leverages both your existing, on-premise system and a Cloud environment. Regardless, our Vault solution leverages the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud to support and accommodate exceptionally large multimedia and other non-traditional file types, such as cell phone data exports, Zip files, etc. – all which can be uploaded and played back in an easy and intuitive five-step process. 

 Vault Features: 

      • Intuitive Uploads 
      • 24/7 Access 
      • In-Platform File Normalization and Playback 
      • Automatic Audit Trail 
      • Simple Integrations 

TrueSign for Electronic Signatures

Taking your eSigning experience “beyond the dotted line,” TrueSign solves for the challenges of the virtual court and today’s remote workforce by accommodating real-time collaboration needs and smartphone mobility. 

Hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud for top-notch security, TrueSign is a leader in digital signatures. Thanks to digital certification, TrueSign authenticates every signature collected to help courts comply with regulations and create binding legal documents.  

TrueSign offers three mobile signing options (QR Code, text-to-sign and email-to-sign) that turn your smartphone into a signature pad for real-time eSignature needs. From there, its intuitive, email-style forwarding and document exchange makes TrueSign ideal for seamless, hand-off collaboration with internal and external parties. And for the quick retrieve-and-send of frequently used document templates (think: specific orders, NDAs, HR paperwork, etc.), TrueSign Templates save and house your pre-templated documents in a dashboard-accessible drop-down library. Prosecutors can easily find files, review them at their convenience, and sign important documents from the comfort of their home or office. Spend less time traveling for wet signatures, and more time building a crack-proof case! 

TrueSign features include: 

      • Three mobile signing options 
      • Template creation and storage 
      • Guided signing tutorials 
      • Customizable field options 
      • Automatic audit trails 
      • Compatibility with virtual meeting tools 
      • And so much more 

    Paperless Prosecutor Solution

    As the pillars of justice in criminal cases, Prosecutors are center stage for paperwork and discovery materials. Keeping offenders behind bars requires an open flow of communication and case files among law enforcement agencies, the prosecutor’s office, and the courts. But between printing materials, paper, travel, and processing time, this “flow” is often just a paper-clogged routine. 

    The ability to make agile, real-time decisions is paramount to the success of cases. We set out to clear the paper dams clogging the flow of information through our Paperless Prosecutor Solution. We’ll create a “document-on-demand” environment for courts and prosecution encapsulating a variety of innovative solutions. No paper is required, and no time is wasted. 

    The Paperless Prosecutor Solution was designed to meet the needs of DAs and prosecuting attorneys. The solution includes communication with our Law Enforcement Agency Portal (LEAP), a seamless workflow system, digital discovery, electronically-prepared subpoenas, and docket synchronization. Thousands of prosecutors are seeing tremendous success with our Paperless Solution. Here are a few of the aspects that clients are happiest with:


        • Launch simple searches across all case files to locate any document in seconds 
        • Access case files from anywhere using any device, smartphone or laptop 
        • Share documents immediately to everyone, as appropriate 
        • Allow multiple people to simultaneously view the same document 
        • Easily coordinate case files automatically categorized into color coded tabbed folders 
        • Retain, store, and/or pull notes from a call or appearance in the electronic case file 
        • Store photos, videos and audio files