TrueFiling: Electronic Filing On-The-Go

Convenience and Efficiency for Clerks, Admins, and Justice System Personnel

The courts are becoming an increasingly remote or hybrid environment. As such, legacy systems and processes are proving obsolete. Electronic filing has taken the Justice System by storm, offering Clerks, Admins, Judges, Law Firms, and Independent Filers more freedom to file wherever, whenever.

Traditional filing can take hours to complete, and is heavily dependent on snail mail, hand-delivery, or in-office meetups. With more courts adapting to the new digital world, following physical filing protocol can be next to impossible. Don’t let shortened office hours, remote workplaces, or flexible workdays get in the way of filing in the court- switch to TrueFiling. TrueFiling is ImageSoft’s platform for submitting, reviewing, and approving court files via mobile devices and computers. There’s no need to leave your own home or office, and the filing process can run from start to finish in a fraction of the time.

TrueFiling Features

Party Management

In-Platform Fee Payment


Highly Configurable

 TrueFiling displays all the necessary documents in-platform. Party Management ensures that only authorized personnel have access to a case at any given time.

If there are additional fees that need to be paid prior to filing submission, it can be taken care of in the TrueFiling platform. Quick, secure, and convenient.

TrueFiling can be seamlessly integrated with your existing CMS. eFiling can be fit into current processes to avoid total overhauls or re-training.

Our experts work with you to configure TrueFiling to your exact specifications. The solution is scalable, editable, and customizable to meet your needs.

Compliant Solutions

Handles All Case Types

Form Management

Filing Review Workflow

Electronic filing is a great addition to court and government compliant solutions. Backed by top security measures, TrueFiling allows you to file confidently.

Unlike other eFiling systems, TrueFiling supports all case types. From criminal to civil and beyond, our system has everything you need to file for your case.

Send requests for important documents in-platform for faster turnaround. TrueFiling also makes it easy to manage these forms so they are easily accessible at a later date.

Automatic status notifications let filers know when a document is processed so they can get to the next step and drastically improve turnaround time.

Electronic Filing Throughout the

Justice System


TrueFiling is a Clerk’s best friend. Clerks are typically responsible for a large percentage of all filing duties, meaning that their day can be cluttered with tasks involving pushing paper and preparing documents to send out. Electronic Filing is the modern solution to an age-old problem; digitize the process and save hours each day! Clerks can be much more efficient with their filing, allowing them to work on other tasks, or take on additional cases thanks to improved productivity.


Court Admins are no strangers to paperwork. Filing is almost always on the agenda, and it can become tedious in the blink of an eye. eFiling is the solution, giving Admins a reliable, speedy, and secure way to handle filing from their desk. There’s no travel, no mail, and no stacks of paper to sort through. TrueFiling helps give Admins their time back so they can prioritize more pressing tasks.


Attorneys are subject to filing rather regularly. Whether on the Defense or Prosecution side of things, Attorneys have enough on their plate without the added stress of delivering and filing paperwork. By switching to an electronic option, Attorneys are free to remain in their office while simultaneously improving their productivity. If filing is eating up hours of time, TrueFiling could be the answer that allows Attorneys to spend their time on building a winning case.

Judges and Courts

Judges and the Courts are impacted by filing each and every day. If filed documents are not submitted properly or on time, things can grind to a halt. The outdated paper filing process is just as influential on the receiving end as it is on the submission end. Electronic Filing keeps all documents in one location – a digital location – that is easy to search, simple to organize, and hassle-free to maintain.

Want to see TrueFiling in Action?

Our experts offer free demos of the platform that will showcase the most popular features and show you around the system. You can find out more about how eFiling can help you.

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    TrueFiling at a Glance

    Interested in learning more about TrueFiling? Check out this brief overview for an inside look at the features, capabilities, and use cases.

    What’s the difference: 

    EFSP v. EFM

    Confused about all these e-words? Check out the infographic below for an easy breakdown of the two most-widely used acronyms in TrueFiling talk.

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    Ready to Up Your Filing Game?

    Electronic Filing could be the solution to a majority of the problems you face each day working in the Justice System. If you’re ready to learn more,  schedule a custom demo in the top sidebar of this page. Our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to reach out.