Electronic Document Certification

From Raised Seals to Raised Standards

While we all wish the limits of forgery still stopped with harmless teenagers profiting off fake IDs, contemporary advancements in almost everything make it too easy to outwit “the system,” even in government agencies. And with sensitive information and permanent decisions being formalized and shared, easily replicated raised seals and emblems are no shields for protection.

As the modern-day gatekeeper of certified documents in OnBase, TrueCertify leverages robust mechanisms for safeguarding authentic certifications against all avenues for circumvention.

Certifiably Simple

Once a document is ready for certification, the clerk can click a button in OnBase to create an official version of the document that includes an exclusive cover page. With another click, the certified document is uploaded to the TrueCertify portal and anyone requesting access will automatically be emailed with the link, encryption key and instructions on how to access the document. The portal can then be set up on the customer’s website, or at www.truecertify.com.

And don’t sweat any visual verifications. TrueCertify marks the bottom margin of each page with identifiers that account for every page and its correct order.

Officially More Secure

To protect clerk’s offices from any claims of third-party abuse over a process, TrueCertify can be configured to expire documents within a certain timeframe. And because documents are encrypted and their portals do not retain any copy of the encryption keys, it’s virtually impossible to steal a TrueCertify document.

Service So Good, 5 Stars Won’t Be Enough

More than just authenticating documents, TrueCertify also empowers users to conveniently transmit documents while delivering on quality customer service.

Of course, documents can still be printed and hand-delivered in paper form to a foot-tapping customer, but why not encourage constituents to self-serve from the comforts of their own home? TrueCertify equips clerks with the means to electronically transmit public records as PDFs via email, or share them with citizens in a downloadable format from secure websites. This not only strengthens document security, but saves your citizens from the hassles of driving and waiting in line.

Not only do electronic files offer ease and convenience to constituents, but they share the agency’s savings on paper and ink with constituents, and support environmentally-friendly initiatives.


  • Greatly reduce paper printing
  • Save time not having to affix a raised seal
  • Gain fast and secure electronic delivery via an encrypted portal
  • Maintain complete audit trail
  • See automatic page identification
  • Include video and audio files


Watch a short video on how TrueCertify can enable your court to deliver certified documents entirely electronically.