Paperless Prosecutor Solution

A workflow so perfect, it should be criminal!

As the pillars of justice in criminal cases, prosecutors are center stage for paperwork and discovery materials. Keeping offenders behind bars requires an open flow of communication and case files among law enforcement agencies, the prosecutor’s office, and the courts. But between printing materials, paper, travel, and processing time, this “flow” is often just a paper-clogged routine. Not only is this inefficient practice frustrating to the clerks, officers, and prosecutors, it’s dangerous. From the initial filing down to the final disposition, lawful convictions and public safety are dependent on the components of the criminal justice system operating together. This necessary and constant flow of communication is exactly why we developed a secure, “document-on-demand” environment where granting a warrant or filing a case is as easy as it should be: point and click.

Walk Me Through It

LEAP Into Every Case!

Every law enforcement agency (LEA) shares the same struggle: mounting workloads, warrant requests, police reports, photos, supplemental reports, witness statements, and other documents that all need to be shared with the prosecutor’s office in a timely fashion. And, of course, on a reduced budget. But even after jumping through these hoops, if prosecutors are delayed in getting warrants or petitions authorized, the public’s safety is still at risk. No stress, right?

This is precisely the reason we developed LEAP (law enforcement agency portal), a web-based portal that provides direct communication between law enforcement agencies and the prosecuting attorney’s office. This portal facilitates secure, electronic warrant requests and submissions, and manages evidence, subpoenas, and other critical communications and discoveries between the law enforcement agency and the prosecuting attorney’s office. With both upmost security guiding the development of this communication portal and complementing discovery technologies, prosecution offices are one step closer to passing their CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Security) audits, reassuring confidence in their processes and preserving it from the public they serve.

For more information on our CJIS compliancy, click here.

Aside from its ability to expedite rapid responses between the prosecutor and police or sheriffs, the law enforcement portal tracks all communication in an electronic history journal with a full audit trail, delivering a greater degree of transparency and accountability. Built-in alerts and notifications also offer status updates from the prosecutor, including pre-trial notes, preliminary exams, trials, and/or appeals, to keep law enforcement informed throughout the lifecycle of a case.

Workflow: Less Wait, No Worry

Imagine not having to haul briefcases full of scattered paper, and then rummage through them during court. That dream is now a reality with workflow, which assists in both case preparation by organizing electronic case files for an appearance and finding supplemental documents in the courtroom.

Designed as the solution to many of the dated case management systems (CMS) that do not easily facilitate communication among the criminal justice system, workflow is able to integrate with or replace your current CMS. And not only does it serve as a centralized document repository, but it automates the entire charging process. With the click of a button, your warrant, evidence, or other case piece is routed where and to whom it needs to go.

Workflow really begins to flex its strength when harnessing its integrative capabilities. Developed to speed up the rate of justice, the workflow can integrate with each state’s warrant/criminal code manual to quickly and accurately find charge codes. It also integrates with court calendars, so electronic notifications will instantly alert prosecutors of reschedules, closings, and more.

Prosecutors can also electronically sign and certify documents in a snap. Electronic signatures enable prosecutors to sign off on warrants and other official documents, while electronic delivery lends the ability to certify documents with page numbers, secure stamps and electronic seals.

Digitized Discovery

Also able to streamline the discovery process, the system automatically stores discovery documents in color-coded tabs ensuring that your files stay organized. Users can also make electronic redactions on screen. With one click, a cover letter is automatically generated and securely delivered to the defense or other parties. Finally, full audit trails mandate accountability across all parties, as it proves whether and when the recipient accessed each document.

Streamlined Subpoenas

Subpoenas are also electronically prepared and sent to officers, who can opt to receive automatic text notifications once a subpoena has been submitted. Once the LEA updates the serve status in LEAP, the entire electronic case file is updated. This is critical during court, as attorneys can pop open their notebook computers and check the real-time status of a subpoena, proving whether it was served.

What's On the Docket?

Able to synchronize case files with the court’s docket means attorneys never have to guess where to locate for a file. Best yet, this is a seamless integration that typically does not require any custom development or coding. While in court, if the prosecutor needs additional documents, they can key search terms and pull up the information they need, regardless of who else is currently viewing it.

Not only does this dramatically reduce the time attorneys spend preparing for an appearance, but it also speeds up post-trial decisions. After the hearing, case files are updated and automatically en route from the courtroom to appropriate support staff for further development.

The Real Appeal of Electronic Case Files

The evidence is clear: electronic case files protect your work in more ways than one. Here’s what makes electronic case files so appealing:

  • Launch simple searches across all case files to locate any document in seconds
  • Access case files from anywhere using any device, smartphone or laptop
  • Share documents immediately to everyone, as appropriate
  • Allow multiple people to simultaneously view the same document
  • Easily coordinate case files automatically categorized into color coded tabbed folders
  • Retain, store, and/or pull notes from a call or appearance in the electronic case file
  • Store photos, videos and audio files

Case Closed

In a world where yesterday’s processes can’t solve tomorrow’s troubles, the speed of justice needs to increase to best serve and protect the public. A respected choice for law firms, courts, and law enforcement agencies across the nation, ImageSoft’s Paperless Prosecutor Solution is redefining how the criminal justice process operates: at maximum efficiency, with total transparency, and completely in sync.

From Crime to Courtroom

“The silent witness that speaks for itself,” video and multi-media evidence confess the play-back truth of many crimes. Safeguard the integrity of video, audio and metadata by equipping yourself with the software support to access, enhance and prepare your most critical evidence for court.

Liberating Prosecutors from Paper Prisons

  • Supports an entirely paperless prosecution process
  • Integrates with or completely replaces current CMS as a role-based workflow solution
  • Facilitates faster criminal code search
  • Maintains full audit trails, giving required accountability from all parties
  • Keeps the process moving with electronic signatures and certifications

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