Workflow & Electronic Case files

One Platform. Unlimited Potential.

OnBase is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, workflow and cases. ImageSoft has transformed hundreds of courts and justice offices across the nation by empowering them to achieve a fully electronic caseflow which is why it is a key part of our JusticeTech suite.

ImageSoft takes the lead with integrating OnBase with your case management system, providing advanced functionality that many modern CMS solutions don’t possess, such as searching cases by metadata, color-coded case files, and reporting dashboards that provide an unparalleled level of transparency.

We leverage the highly configurable workflow engine to automate many of your repetitive processes and use rules to evaluate and route new filings or returned orders from the judges. And because it has point-and-click configuration, we can deploy solutions far faster than competing systems.

With a little bit of training, non-technical people can configure, maintain, and modify your workflows so that your court can become more agile, efficient and effective on your own calendar. And with OnBase, you can configure it so that with the press of a button, it can send the right data and documents to any government agency in their particular format, saving you extensive time manually keying or mailing documents.

What makes OnBase the choice of over 20,000 organizations worldwide and the ideal choice for you is that you don’t have to bite off an entire court automation project at once. It’s designed to be cost effective for a point-solution but easy to scale for your entire court.

Every court that wants to achieve a fully electronic workflow will need the following six functional areas that the JusticeTech suite uses OnBase for:


Regardless of where your documents are located or what format they come in, JusticeTech captures them right at the source and organizes them into a single electronic case file.


Workflow automates many of the predictable, repeated steps in your processes. JusticeTech uses workflow to create simple step-by-step routing rules for each document docket code. The key advantage to the court is that staff are able to maintain these routing rules without having to involve IT.


OnBase makes content available to judicial staff wherever they are, from almost any device, at any time. The same information can be available to any application which increases user efficiency.


The JusticeTech CMS Connector integrates with a wide array of case management systems to improve data integrity and reduce data entry costs. Data and documents can be exchanged with the CMS as well with agencies such as law enforcement, prosecutors and the DMV without having to re-key the same information.


Using an intuitive reporting interface, the solution includes an extensive set of 180 pre-configured reports together with a wizard-driven tool for creating and managing custom reports specific to the court.


OnBase provides complete control to securely store, protect, and destroy records using the courts retention schedule.


Travis County Clerk’s Office maintained a DMS system that was heavy on redundant processes and prone to error before implementing OnBase.