Enhancing Law Enforcement Communication by LEAPs and Bounds

The Law Enforcement Agency Portal

Screenshots of LEAP

On the Scene

It’s 2 o’clock a.m., and police are helping a small business owner file a police report for a costly break-in. She tells them about some suspicious encounters she’s had over the last week and, based on the evidence left behind, police already have suspects in mind. Through their agency’s tablet, law enforcement quickly scans the report, takes photos of the scene and uploads some body cam footage before sending the bundled case file to the local prosecutor. Fast forward four hours and, from his smartphone, the prosecutor is reviewing the case between sips of coffee at his kitchen table. He reads the report and complimenting evidence and, using a pre-set signature stamp, electronically signs off on a warrant request for each of the two suspects. Seconds after clicking the “submit” button, a notification alerts officers that their warrant requests have been approved, and they hit the road to find their suspects – all before dawn.

As their court date approaches, all developments in the small business case are digitally facilitated and tracked in one, comprehensive digital case portal. Digital alerts and notifications update both the prosecutor and law enforcement on pre-trial notes, preliminary exams, appeals and all other information throughout the lifecycle of the case. With a full audit trail validating the evidence, the prosecutor builds a full-proof case in court – bringing justice to the small business owner in just a couple weeks.

LEAPing Over Time Lapse and Functionality Gaps

The story above illustrates justice at its optimal speed – transpiring just as quickly as the story was told. But with paper police reports and warrant requests, hard-copy photos, various video types, manual (often duplicative) data entry and unsynchronized developments behind-the-scenes, law enforcement and prosecutor’s offices can’t seamlessly tag team cases like in the story above. Without instantaneous communication tools, there are gaps in functionality that turn into lapse of time wasted.

Understanding this challenge, we partnered with a few prosecutor offices and their local law enforcement to pilot the best solutions for facilitating the most secure, streamlined communication by leaps and bounds. Turns out the “LEAP” was just what everyone needed.

Introducing the Law Enforcement Agency Portal – the end-to-end, Cloud-hosted case management tool born within the justice system, for the justice system.


Functionality Worth the LEAP

Upmost Security and CJIS Compliance:

Hosted in the highly secure Microsoft Azure Cloud, LEAP’s security is upheld to the highest government standard. With checkpoint safeguards like two-factor authentication, LEAP is trusted in the courtroom and compliant with CJIS audits. For more information on our CJIS compliance policy, click here.

Integrative with Record Management Systems

Seamlessly integrative with record management systems (RMS), LEAP eliminates time-consuming data entry. RMS integrations also enable users to populate reports, warrants and other documents right from the LEAP app and make necessary content modifications, such as redactions, from the scene.

Not only does this save time for law enforcement and prosecutors, who would typically have to travel to workstation laptops and log in to make edits, but LEAP’s built-in audit trail is constantly sustaining transparency – even while on-the-go.

Custom Forms and Interfaces

Customization of electronic forms and user interfaces allow users to meet the needs of every individual case type and user preference.

Whether users are sending letters to the attorney’s office, filling out a specific type of accident report, or just adding officers to a case, LEAP makes it easy to configure forms to the case requisites. Doing so is an intuitive process thanks to configurable dashboards, which users can customize to their own relevant needs and preferences.

Mobile Accessibility

Designed to respond to the scale of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, LEAP ensures officers and prosecutors are always equipped with instantaneous communication needed on a moment’s notice, and the ability to generate needed documents or requests.

The element of mobility is what eliminates time wasted in traveling back and forth to desk-top workstations to conduct business.

LEAP Into a Demo or Upgrade

If this is your first introduction to our law enforcement agency portal – welcome! We hope you will chat with us about a no-strings-attached demonstration and, of course, all your questions.

Designed in partnership with other law enforcement agencies and prosecutor offices, we are always inquiring about feedback and keeping a pulse on the justice industry’s evolving needs. All current LEAP users are encouraged to upgrade to the most recent version to ensure you’re receiving the upmost care and data security.

Your Sneak Preview

What’s new with LEAP? Take a sneak peek of our blueprints for the most recent version in, “Sneak Preview: A Sequel to the Law Enforcement Agency Portal.”

Take a Tour

Enjoy your own personal tour around LEAP, guided by Senior Engineers and subject matter experts to answer all your questions.

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