Designed By Judges, for Judges

Electronic Bench Solution

aiSmartBench is designed by judges to make life easier for judges. It incorporates the things that judges need while they are on the bench, in chambers, or out of the office.

  • Faster than paper
  • Configurable to individual preferences so it works the way you do
  • Easy to learn, easy to use with a touch interface
  • Dashboard access to outside state and local data sources
  • Integrates with any case management system

aiSmartBench presents a fast, intuitive path for judges to access their docket and streamlines the case information to what is needed on the bench. Judges can edit and eSign orders that are routed back for docketing and entry into the CMS.

Search case files by case information and within documents themselves. This makes it possible for a judge to search across case files for things that are not recorded or are difficult to obtain in their CMS. Or you can even search Lexis/Nexis or Westlaw from the same interface, for example, for those times when you need to know if a first-time offender in your jurisdiction is really a repeat offender.

aiSmartBench enables judges to personalize their interface so that it works the way they like to work. This intuitive approach allows judges to focus on the proceedings while looking like a pro at accessing case information using a touch interface.

And with aiSmartBench being a best-of-breed solution, it’s not dependent on a particular CMS. We do the integration work so that information flows freely back to your CMS and/or the JusticeTech document management and workflow solution.


Is aiSmartBench right for you?